Imagine These Things On The Day of Rapture


Imagine an aeroplane flying at a high altitude and as soon as the pilot made a move to land, the rapture occurred and both the pilot and the copilot in the cabin are raptured away. Imagine the big crash, the disaster and the lives that will be lost.

Imagine a driver driving at 160Kph in a private or commercial vehicle on a highway and he is caught up within a twinkling of an eye. Just imagine the collisions on the highway where drivers are raptured away. Imagine the confusion and the serious traffic jam that will occur when drivers are missing, leaving their cars to crash with others.

Imagine a beautiful wedding, where the auditorium is filled to its capacity. The newly wedded couple stand in dazzling beauty and the priest said you may now kiss the bride and as soon as you open your mouth to kiss your partner, a ghostly wind passes through your mouth. You open your eyes to see that your partner, the priest and most of the people gathered around are missing.

Oh, just imagine a specialist surgeon who is busily performing a caesarian section on a critical and difficult case and he vanishes in the process of the surgery. What happens if he’s the only specialist and all other medical staffs around him are only observers who are learning under him for the first time?

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Imagine a man who has a heart failure and luckily for him, someone has donated a heart to be transplanted for him to survive. His weak heart has been removed and the other person’s heart is to be fixed when all of a sudden, all the surgeons vanish into thin air through the rapture. You will sit there waiting for a new heart and live again but you will surely die.

And oh, how about the donor rather vanishing and being raptured away immediately the doctors take away his clothes and are about take his heart and donate to another person and the donor is rather raptured with his heart.

Imagine having a romantic time with your love and your partner asks you to close your eyes for a surprise. You closed your eyes indeed for a long time but there was no show; you opened your eyes only to realize that your partner has vanished from you leaving behind the clothes.

Imagine a midwife putting in much effort to deliver a pregnant woman of her triplets and as the baby showed the head, the midwife and all the nurses vanished. And how will it look like if it’s rather the pregnant woman in labour whose labour is cut short and is raptured away?

Imagine living in holiness and purity for a long time, resisting all manner of evil and temptation for a long time and that has become your hallmark of strong character and integrity and now, the slightest compromise to stoop low and cheat on your partner because you could no longer resist the temptation from a friend or a coworker makes you miss the rapture the moment you decided to sin.

Imagine preaching with much power and authority with a loud voice and clarity, espousing the dangers of missing heaven and going to hell and your message breaks the hearts of your listeners, they surrender their lives to Christ and before you could finish praying for them, the rapture occurred and all those you are praying for are raptured away and you are still standing there sweating and holding your Bible. You miss heaven because you live a double and a hypocritical life. Just imagine this.

Imagine a young man or woman who has been coming to you to talk to you about Christ and you always argue with the person, insult and sometimes embarrass the person. Imagine giving that person a tough time and immediately he or she leaves your presence, the rapture occurs and there you will believe and wish you had listened to that person but it will be too late.

Imagine the shocked and disturbed face you will wear when you devote your entire lie for the work of God; you spent almost all your entire life working for God, moving from one rally and church program to another, the countless all night services, the difficult and challenging days of fasting and prayers without food and sometimes without even water, the determined desire and passion to remain pure and only to miss the rapture on that faithful day.

Imagine how you will regret and be a laughing stock among unbelievers if after all your routine sermons of asking them to live a holy and acceptable life and make it for heaven and you yourself cannot make it.

Can you imagine? Imagine these things on the day of rapture.

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  1. Oh my God
    I felt my inner man weep as I read this
    I must remain rapturable
    I can’t afford to miss heaven
    God be my help.


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