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Social media has a way of ruining relationships regardless of how long partners have known each other. Couples should be very informed about the dangers of this killer bug and take the necessary steps to stamp it out from ruining their relationship.  Sometimes, a partner may compare his or her partner to someone they have seen on social media. This can be very devastating to the relationship especially when that person is known to the couple.

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People look and show their love in different ways so seeing them on social media does not mean they are better than you or your partner. Couples must learn to appreciate each other regardless of look or appearance. Nobody can ever be like your partner neither will there be anyone like you. Love and appreciate your partner for whom they are.

Friends on social media could be showing interest in you or your partner but may never tell you. So comparing your relationship or partner with them only gives them the winning power to create competition for your partner. Remember that no relationship is perfect but it can be worked at. No matter how difficult or tempting it is to you as couples, never compare your relationship with anyone else’s.

Social media and technology can be very addictive and if a partner lacks self-discipline or self-control, he or she will be opening the back door for problems and challenges to break and destroy the relationship.


When couples discover and know their purposes for their relationship, they are able to encourage and remind each other that their happiness does not depend on other people’s happiness.

Never allow social media relationships with others destroy your relationship. Instead of allowing unnecessary envy, hatred, and jealousy, it rather prevents your relationship from making progress. Begin to empower, encourage, motivate and inspire each other to achieve the best relationship you can both have as a couple.

Couples should find time to communicate more than ever to allow for stronger and healthier relationships. When this happens, it empowers, encourages, and motivates partners to stay together without fear of losing each other. Let’s show love, respect, value and regard for each other, and never allow social media to cause jealousy, hatred, envy and pride in us to undermine each other’s uniqueness. No one is better than the other.

Whatever it is, learn to put your smart gadgets off and don’t let social media ruin your relationship. Social media has destroyed some lovely relationships because some couples have been found cheating in bed with other friends of the opposite sex who they met on social media. When these couples got married, they were best friends without technology and social media.

However, since the inception of social media and smart gadgets, couples are no more talking to see how best they can improve their relationship. Some couples are just too busy looking at the images of other people over the Internet, enjoying online dating but avoiding real relationship with their partners.

High Internet use may lead to conflict, breakdown, and misunderstanding between couples. Some partners may be addicted to chatting and flirting on the Internet with some strange individuals hence jeopardising their relationships with their partners.

Cheating or infidelity is not anything new to mankind but amazingly; social media has contributed to make it more rampant among couples. It is therefore necessary that couples learn and find the right time to speak about how social media have or is affecting their relationship without fear. Talk about it in order to sustain and keep your relationship.

 Don’t let the use of technology affect or destroy your relationship or marriage? Share your experience with us.



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