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There is a higher room for everyone to occupy in life. That room awaits our arrival and entry but until we are ready and prepared, it remains closed to our access. When we access it we will become all that we define as success.

The sad thing however is that, most people hardly make time to get themselves ready both psychologically and physically for the moment of their door’s opening. Countless people have missed the opportunity whenever their doors flipped open. And that has mostly been as a result of their unpreparedness or ‘unreadiness’ to scale up to the next level of their lives.

That mustn’t happen to you. You should be ready when the door that leads to your greater room flips open. You should groom yourself in readiness for that defining moment. There is a turning point happening every now and then and you must take advantage of it when it happens the next time.

The biblical Joseph demonstrates that very well if you consider his encounter. Though he was in prison, when he got the news that Pharaoh wanted to see him, he got himself groomed and went out as a fresh man ready to behold and discuss with a King. I want to believe that if he wasn’t well groomed, the King might have doubted if he had anything worthwhile to offer.

But beyond that though, you could realize from the answers he proffered that, he was a ready man. He had planned, prepared and was ready to deliver when his door to greater rooms flipped open. From a prison he drew a fourteen year plan to curtail famine. That’s awesome!


Let’s not drag this. The lesson is simple. He groomed himself psychologically and physically and strategically delivered it when the opportunity availed itself. He grew his gift for the glory that awaited him. Your gift will make room for you and lift you to a position amongst kings.

Do you wish to enter your greater room? Then take cue from Joseph’s life. The instruction is simple. You risk missing your greater room when you don’t groom yourself for it. Get yourself ready and prepared. The doors of your room will flip open soon and you must be ready and prepared. Groom yourself for your room!

Writer: Gamel Sankarl




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