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Sometimes I hear people say “life is not fair” and I wonder why so? I personally think life is very fair as it has given each and every one of us the opportunity to live and be productive with the little we have or have received from God.

What I think some people have forgotten to understand is that, life never gives us what we deserved but what we make out of life. We all have the chance and privilege to breathe fresh air, but some have decided to pollute it with smokes. We all have the chance to live healthy and wealthy but then again, some have made up their minds to live their life anyhow and anyway expecting to be healthy.

They eat anything just like the pigs would eat and drink any dirty water they find.  We all have potentials and greatness in us but only few of us actually maximize those potentials and become productive with their talents and gifts. This is how most of us become impactful, relevant and significant to our various societies.

It is the desire and wish of God to see us all in good health and prosperity. The question is how many of us value that or have that as our priorities anyway?


Falling to understand this simple truth about life has caused many people to be angry, bitter, upset and frustrated in life just because, they see others succeeding in their areas of talents and gifting and they are not. They have seen others become healthy, prosperous and wealthy while they remain unproductive.

You don’t have to be bitter about the success of others. No one has 48 hours in a day to achieve their set goals. Each day we get up and we all have the same hours in the day to be productive, industrious and effective with the time life gives us.

However, some people treat life just anyhow and yet, want to be productive and successful in life anyway and anyhow. No! This is not what life is about.

Tress do not get bitter, angry, worried, concerned nor fearful when it’s fruits or flowers are harvested, pruned, or fallen down. The tree doesn’t even take notice of the number of fruits Akhenaten away from its branches rather, the tree believes in its potential and ability to bear much fruits or flowers again.

The tree knows and has confidence in its roots, and the source of its strength. This therefore stops the tree from moving away from its plantation and position to purpose. It does not shrink or go withered because some fruits have fallen off.

Take a moment to think about why you are bitter about life? Think about what you could have done differently from others and you are not doing it. Think about the opportunity to invest your time on productive ventures but decided to spend it on gossip, bling lifestyle, following the wrong and directionless individuals just to have fun at the expense of time.

Time is one of the greatest gifts given to mankind to be productive yet, majority of us treat it time with no respect. We have failed to understand and know that, life only gives us back what we invest into it regardless of our age, beauty, handsomeness, size, or race. Life indeed is fair!

You don’t have to be bitter, but be productive with your life. No one owes you anything just as you don’t owe anybody anything. We owe ourselves our productive life. Instead of focusing on what others have done to hurt you, why don’t you redirect that focus to become more fruitful and productive in what you can to with your life?

The tree has belief and confidence in itself so even though its beautiful flowers or fruits are plucked down, it bears much more fruits or flowers to amaze others. You must believe in your potentials and your ability to make it in life regardless of who leaves you or left you along the way. If the tree does not wither simply because of the fallen fruits, why must you get worried over those who left you or rejected and neglected you because, they couldn’t see your future?

It is more to your advantage to be productive with your life than wallowing in bitterness and anger because others are achieving success better than you. Where and who is your source of life?

Stop focusing on the negative side of life and renew your mind about how you can become relevant to your society or community. Let the hope you have about the future rise above the hurts others have caused you. There is something great in you that is waiting to bud out; don’t suppress it with bitterness. The future is only attained by those who pursue hope and not hate. What are you hoping for in life? Step up and pursue it without fail.

Yes, my eyes may not be able to see the full potential you carry within. Just remember that the hope and future of every tree lies in its root in the soil; let your hope be rooted in Christ, who is able to renew your strength and stamina to bear much fruits against all odds.

Don’t get bitter about life. Begin to examine, discover, develop and deploy your potential to add value to this world. The world is waiting to celebrate, appreciate and thank you for your productive life. Get busy developing yourself and reposition your mind for productivity and you will become a global treasure. Step up and be productive but not bitter.

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Ferdinard Lawson graduated from Sussex University and holds a BSc Degree in Public Health and Social Care. He is the Founder & C.E.O of Ferdinard Lawson Empowerment & Inspirational Agency C.I.C (FLEiA.CIC) in UK, Public Health Professional, Author, Lifestyle Coach, Transformational & Public Speaker and Publication Consultant. He is a Multiple Awards Winning Author, Public Speaker and a Lifestyle Coach. He has published many inspirational, motivational books, and leadership books and full member of the Royal society for Public Health. England. He is currently the Co-Chairman of Mega (Kingston Hospital Trust)


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