The Final Cv


Sometimes, i get worried about the way some people live their lives forgetting that we have reached a stage in life where your Social Curriculum Vitae (public image) is more important than your Professional Cv. If you care less about your Social Cv, then your Professional Cv alone cannot take you far in life. At the end of everything, your Social Cv and Professional Cv will not matter except your Spiritual Cv.

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Just imagine the huge and difficult efforts we make and the number of troublesome years spent in school just to develop our Professional Curriculum Vitae and enhance our Social and Economic Status in life but we hardly make time for the important spiritual matters.

It is a terrible thing to have over 10 years work experience in your field of expertise and have less than 10 days’ work experience in the things of God. Remember, at the end of everything, Christ will look through your Spiritual Cv and say “Well done you good and faithful servant” or “You wicked and unfaithful servant”.

Your professional and social Curriculum Vitae will forever remain a history as soon as you pass on but your spiritual Curriculum Vitae goes beyond life on earth. It is interesting to know that your spiritual Cv, which is final, contains all the details of your social and professional Cv in the Book of Deeds. It is time to do the right thing and consider our ways of life whether it will bring us good or bad.


Be concerned about your final Curriculum Vitae out of which you will be either awarded or punished at the end of everything when you breathe your last. If indeed, you understand this message then comment or share with friends and loved ones.

Think about it.

Reflect on it &

Share with friends.

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