Joseph had a dream of becoming a great man in his time but it never happened until he interpreted 2 Prisoners dreams and finally, Pharaoh’s dream. Joseph became the Prime Minister when he decided to put his own dream aside and assist Pharaoh to achieve his dream by working hard to get enough food for Egypt.
Assisting Pharaoh to achieve his dreams made his own dreams to be achieved and fulfilled at the appropriate and the right time. Here are a few lessons to be learnt from the story of Joseph in the Bible.
Lessons from the Story
1. Support other people’s dreams and yours too will be supported and achieved.
2. You need someone to partner you; you cannot do it all alone. It takes only one person to        conceive an idea but it takes a group of people to achieve the bigger goal.
3. Working for someone today may not be a waste of time; it might be God’s method to          achieve yours. Sometimes, you need to acquire some experience from somewhere in order    to learn how to manage your own.
4. Exhibit skill and wisdom in all you do, this paved a way for Joseph.
5. Every dream has its own time to be fulfilled so keep your hope alive. Though the vision          may delay, wait for it. It will surely come to pass (Hab. 2:3)
6.  Joseph did not give up after he interpreted one Prisoner’s dream but he finally forgot him       in prison when all was well with him. Don’t give up despite the disappointment. Your failure     should not derail you from the ultimate goal.
7.  Even while in prison, Joseph kept his dreams and hopes alive. No matter the kind of             prison in which you are, nobody can imprison the power of your imaginations and your           ideas so brighten the corner where you are.
8. Above all, God was with him and he prospered in all he did. You can do nothing without          God. In your dealings and planning for the New Year, seek God and see the great elevation    and opportunities that await you.
   In 2016, support someone’s dream or vision.
   Think about it
   Reflect on it & 
   Pass it on to a friend.


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