One Talent, Multiple Streams of Income: Jonathan Adzokpe


In our world today, it is simply impossible to live well by depending entirely on one stream of income. As we advance as a nation and a people, our spending habits are becoming more complex with their associated cost. You can be the most frugal person on earth yet a round trip to and fro the capital city of Accra could get you to spend close to GH¢ 20 on transport alone.

If you are like me who barely stays at home and always on the move, mostly except Sundays, you are spending close to GH¢500 a month on transport alone. That sounds scary for anyone whose salary is just above the GH¢500 line. According to some research I chanced on recently, the average Ghanaian spends more on food than any other single expense. The research report went on to state that the average Ghanaian spends about 80% of their income on food alone.

I am giving you these statistics to appreciate how much you need just to live well especially when you are resident in the major cities of Ghana. A salary of GH¢1000 to GH¢ 1500 could even get you struggling. In fact, I have personal friends earning five times that amount and yet go on to borrow before the next payday. Please, don’t say in your mind that they are wasteful. Earning income is such that, the more you earn, the higher your expenses will rise.

Now here’s the thing: this simple exposition gives us an impression of how you can’t rely on one source of income. You have to think deep to know how you can make good use of that one talent you have identified. Let me use my situation to cite an example for you. I identified the talent of teaching way back in secondary school. From there, I taught for a year before going to the university, and I have continued along that line ever since. It is my talent.

From that single talent of teaching, I realized I could write. I started writing one-page articles till I graduated to writing books. One book, just one, inspired our company, Hetura Books. Aside these, I am invited to speak at various fora; some of which bring in some cash. Recently, I started another firm, to cater for the human capital needs of especially students. More other plans are underway. From this talent of teaching, I do research for clients. Thus you will imagine that out of just one talent, I have developed these multiple streams and I look forward to doing even more.


Is it that I am money-conscious? No! The situation has demanded of us to do more with little. You can’t sit down and do just one thing especially when you have a talent. Doing multiple things with a single talent is not exclusive to just a few talents. Whatever you are talented at, with some thinking and assessment, you can easily monetize them. I don’t know why I am moved to share these principles with you since yesterday but I am sure that is what you need to improve on your finances.

In my next couple of posts, I will share some ideas on how other talents could be pursued in multiple ways simultaneously. But my motivation is not for you to just read these pieces. Please let them stir something within you to cause you to take the necessary action.

Thanks for reading this article from Please feel free to share your views us with about how one can use just one talent for multiple streams of income.



  1. An interesting article. I really enjoyed reading it. Kudos to the writer for taking time to write this.


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