17 Reasons To Ban Amorous Pre-wedding Photoshoots


Weddings are one of the most solemn and sacred events in anyone’s life that are meant to usher the two would-be couple into the next stage of life called marriage. Marriage is a sacred event cherished by God Himself because it is the oldest institution established by God. Creation began with marriage in the Garden of Eden and the world will come to an end with the Marriage Feast of the Lamb in Heaven. This shows how important the institution of marriage is to the Almighty God that established marriage between a man and a woman.

Even though culture and tradition play a great role in the manner in which marriages should be contracted, recent developments called pre-wedding photoshoots meant to announce the scheduled date for marriage has rather taken a new and an amorous dimension. Inasmuch as one has to be creative when planning his or her wedding events, pre-wedding photoshoots taken these days really leave much to be desired.

In fact, many churches and individuals have raised eyebrows calling for the ban on amorous pre-wedding photoshoots. In this article, I have outlined the 17 reasons to ban amorous pre-wedding photoshoots. When done reading, kindly share your views and experiences with us.

17 Reasons To Ban Amorous Pre-wedding Photoshoots

  1. It exposes both would-be couples to both spiritual and physical attacks.
  1. Indecent exposure of your body is evil and a sin
  1. You are not married to be touching each other in a sensual way
  1. It promotes lust and fornication among both the youth and adults
  1. It takes away the sacred and godly aspect of marriage
  1. It is a tool used by the devil to shift attention from God and destroy people through amorous acts. Most of those couples have had sex several times before marriage
  1. It doesn’t add any value to the actual marriage
  1. Pre-wedding photoshoots are just sometimes a waste of time
  1. Amorous pre-wedding photoshoots are just extra cost to the couple even if it’s part of the package from the media house contracted to take videos and pictures
  1. It brings unhealthy and unnecessary competition for more amorous pictures among would-be couples
  1. People turn to expect too much from your amorous pictures
  1. It creates a negative perception of the would-be couples are ‘spoilt partners’
  1. A good marriage is a work but not amorous pictures.
  1. You are only adding to your stress before marriage
  1. You may regret tomorrow for taking some amorous pictures today. You no idea where those pictures could land you tomorrow.
  1. The internet won’t forgive you for posting those pictures on social media, it stays there for eternity and fighting for its removal could be a lifelong battle.
  1. It totally defeats your Christians values if you are a Christian

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