15 Bad Things You Shouldn’t Do on Valentine’s Day


Saint Valentine’s Day is here again and the Valentine fever will be experienced everywhere in the world. The story of Saint Valentine’s Day dated far back some few years ago but these days, the celebration of Valentine’s Day comes with different meaning and understanding to some people, hence the aftermaths of such celebrations leave much to be desired.

In this article, I will be sharing some of the 15 bad things you shouldn’t do on Valentine’s Day. When done reading, kindly share your thoughts with us.

15 Bad Things You Shouldn’t Do on Valentine’s Day

  1. Do not give your virginity as Valentine’s Day Gift

Each year, a lot of shops report of condom shortages and most of the clients who purchase these condoms are teenagers and singles. A lot of virgins lose their virginity each year in the name of love but this is one of the weirdest and stupid things to do in the name of love. Sex is not the only way of proving to someone that you love him. My dear ladies, keep your virginity and let it be your pride. Give it freely to him and he will leave you freely and sleep with another.

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  1. Asking almost everyone you know for your Valentine’s Day Gift

It is very annoying to go about asking almost everyone you know for your Valentine’s Day Gift. This could be very embarrassing. Val’s Day is not a day to go begging.

  1. Don’t Cry because you are single and lonely

It is no need to be sad and stay indoors crying because you do not have any lover in your life to take you out. Love life should be carefully thought about and considered prayerfully before falling in love with someone. Many people have entered into a love relationship and regretted and wished they had not entered at all. Take your time to do your homework well before entering into one.

  1. Don’t quarrel with your partner to avoid buying gifts

If you are broke and cannot do anything for your partner who might be expecting a gift from you, then do let your partner know that you do not have money, more especially when you made some promises earlier. Don’t pick up a quarrel with your partner just to avoid certain things.

  1. Do not make false marriage proposal just for the occasion

Do not make any false marriage proposal just for any selfish interest. It will be a beautiful and a memorable day to make a proposal or accept a marriage proposal on 14th February which is a Val’s Day but do not make that attempt if you know you do not mean it. The repercussions of just trying to take advantage of someone cannot be overemphasized.

  1. Do not send erotic or romantic messages to people just for a joke

Do not forget that any message you send could be an expression of your thoughts, hidden words in your heart and your feelings. Do not send any erotic message to someone just for a joke or the fun of it. It may have serious repercussions.

  1. Don’t call or visit your ex to celebrate the good times you both enjoyed on Val’s day

You do not have to keep running to your ex and hanging around him or her just because you are still single and not going out. There is no need meeting and talking about the good times you both had. These may lead to regrettable affairs. Many people have cheated on their partners with their exes because they still keep meeting and reminding each other of some passionate moments they once had. Do not reignite the passions of old if you have both decided to go separate ways and move on in life.

  1. Dressing provocatively in Valentine’s Day colours just for attention

One of the mistakes some people, especially the ladies, make is to dress provocatively in red just to attract attention from men. The worst thing about this is that, people may read several meanings into your appearance and see you as a prostitute.

  1. Do not arrive late for a date

If you have a date with someone, then learn to respect yourself as well as the time of the person you are meeting. It is very annoying to sit down for long waiting for someone. In case you realize you will be running late, do call earlier to inform your partner of your probable time of arrival.

  1. Drinking till you get drunk

One of the worst things you should not do in this year’s Valentine’s Day is to get yourself drunk. People could easily take advantage of you when you are drunk. You may be sexually abused, robbed and all manner of inhumane activities may be done to you. Don’t make yourself vulnerable. Stay away from alcoholic beverage.

  1. Hanging out very late in the night

It is a dangerous thing to hang around in town on Valentine’s Day even till midnight. Wicked people may take advantage of you. Leave immediately and go home when you have exhausted your time with your partner.

  1. Borrowing and buying on credit to please people

My friends, Val’s Day comes every year. It is not a must for you to buy something for someone when you are cash trapped. Avoid borrowing and buying on credit just to please people. Live within your means. Don’t increase your indebtedness and later regret.

  1. Do not come home with empty hands if you have the means.

If only you have the means of surprising your partner, then do so. It doesn’t have to be something very expensive and too costly but the little things also counts to spice up your love life.

  1. Spending your lifetime savings or huge amount of money on gifts.

You do not have to empty your savings account and spend your lifetime savings to do something special for that special person just to prove that you love him or her. Be wise in your spending.

  1. Taking French leave at work and telling lies

This year’s Valentine’s Day falls on a working day and you do not have to run away from work without permission and tell all manner of lies just to make time to be with that special person. Plan your date ahead and seek appropriate permission ahead of time where necessary if you know you have a date. Telling lies and feigning to be sick could jeopardize your work and chances if your coworkers or boss spots in you in town chilling when you told them otherwise different story.

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