The Meaning of ‘Thank God I Met You’


“Thank God I Met You” is one of the words people repeatedly tell me when they genuinely express their heartfelt appreciation to me for being a blessing in their lives through writing, speaking and other means possible.

As these words are repeatedly said in my hearing, I caught wisdom and understanding. I have taken cognizance of the fact that there is a message behind “Thank God I Met You”. Have you ever wondered why people hate it so much and curse the day they set eyes on someone? It is simply because such encounters ended up ruining people’s life with hurting memories, wounded spirits, a dampened and a dashed hope, great disappointment and the worst nightmarish memories ever.

The fact that people have never expressed their feelings to you about how blessed they were through you does not mean that you are not making any significant impact in life. As a matter of fact, it takes only a very few people to be generous enough to genuinely express their appreciation either through written or oral forms.

“Thank God I Met You” should ring the following meanings in your mind.

  1. An expression of gratitude to God for your life
  2. You have just made someone’s day.
  3. You are a blessing to others
  4. You are dear and revered for your roles
  5. You are a role model; people look up to you
  6. You are the source of someone’s motivation
  7. There is something special about you that others need.
  8. You have a responsibility to maintain your integrity in order not to disappoint others.
  9. You are the solution to someone’s problems.
  10. The more you do better, the more others who look up to you will also do better.

If you seek the welfare of others, God will cause others to also provide for your needs. Life is more meaningful and worth living to the fullest when we all seek the welfare of others. Let people always say “Thank God I Met You” and never to curse the day set eyes on you.




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