Top 17 Indiscipline & Annoying Things People Do In Church


Today, I want to share with you Top 17 Annoying Things People Do In Church. One of the hallmarks of every good Christian is change in attitude and discipline. We are not called to be lawless but rather, we have been called out of lawlessness to be groomed to put on new attitudes to befit Christ. It saddens my heart whenever Christians exhibit acts of indiscipline and bad attitudes in the house of God. When done reading, comment or share to tell us about other ways Christians exhibit bad attitudes in the House of God.

Top 17 Annoying Things People Do In Church

  1. Hypocrisy

The church of God is now full of many hypocrites. Once they are in church, they are saints but afterwards cannot be identified as Christians. Hypocrisy in the House of God is dangerous and will drive away the Spirit of God. You must know that God detests every act of hypocrisy (Matt. 15:7-9). And to church leaders, learn to treat your members equally.

  1. Unnecessary noise making

It is not how loud you speak or pray that makes God hears you faster and better. Church leaders and administrators must manage the level of noise making in the church. What is more annoying is a church with a membership of just 20 people using the loudest instruments ever and disturbing all the neighbours. It is not about noise; it is rather the power of God at work that matters.

  1. Littering

I am always taken aback when I see people littering the house of God. Discipline is to keep that sachet, wrapper or bottle and drop it in the dustbin. Sometimes, people forget that cleanliness is next to godliness. Our God is a holy God and He lives in a clean and neat environment and a clean human heart. It is for this reason that the Bible entreats us to present our bodies as a living sacrifice, holy and acceptable to God (Romans 12:1).


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  1. Receiving Calls and Browsing

If you put your phone on silence or turn it off when talking to high profiled personalities because of the respect you have for them, then why will you do that before the King of Kings and Lord of Lords. Do you respect mortal man more than God? Enough of chatting on social media and updating one’s status when service is still in session.

  1. Going to Church Late

If Christians could arrive at the airport and check in one hour before time, arrive in the offices earlier for work and interviews without giving any excuses for coming late then we ought to change our attitudes towards God and be disciplined. Your attitude towards God will determine His attitude towards you.

  1. Indecent dressing

Hello! Church service is not a fashion show. You are not in church to show off your dress but to worship God in humility and adoration. Indecent and provocative dresses are destructive and could be a hindrance to someone’s worship. In 1 Peter 2:9, the Bible entreats us to be modest in our dressing. Women, do not dress to catch the attention of men but let your deeds and dressing bring grace and the presence of God. If you are not a commercial sex worker, then don’t dress for attention.

  1. Unnecessary talks and disturbance

It is inappropriate to be talking to other people when service is in session. That is a total disturbance and a distraction to others who will be affected by your conversation. Learn to concentrate! You never know which aspect of the service could touch and turn your life around for the better.

  1. Deliberately disobey simple instructions during service

Obedience is the non-negotiable and impartial standard of God. You can never receive anything good from God without obedience. Simple obedience is just enough to activate the hand of God in your life. The ensuing lists are some of the simple instructions some people find difficult to obey:

  • “Please sit here” when directed by the usher.
  • Close your hands.
  • Shall we all pray?
  • Shall we sing Hymn No. 595, etc?

Why are you in church if you know you are not ready to comply with the directives in the House of God?

  1. When worship and giving offering becomes a show

Your worship and offering to God should be a solemn act and sacrifice onto God. You are not in the House of God to show off. Remember that before God, you are just a piece of clay whose life can just vanish like vapour in split seconds.

  1. Forming destructive cliques instead of unity in Christ

There is no need forming cliques or groups which will rather bring a division in the body of Christ. So long as one does not belong to a particular group, such a fellow may not be received well and given attention in times of need. This bad attitude collapses a church and first time visitors will feel not welcomed and may find their way out of the church. Favoritism, tribalism and nepotism will collapse a church. Before Jesus Christ left, His prayer was “that they may be one” (John 17:21)

  1. Being Consumed By Pride: “He’s Not Good; I Can Do Better Than Him”

To all those who sing, preach and perform other functions in church, know that you are not there to compete each other to know who sings or preaches better. We are in church to complement each other but not to compete. Every act of worship is meant to bring glory to God but not unto men. Avoid every form of unnecessary competition. The Bible warns against thinking about yourself more highly than other people (Romans 12:3). You are whatever you are by grace and not by works (Eph. 2:8-9).

  1. Improper sitting arrangement

It is an act of indiscipline when people rush for first seats in cinema halls, stadia, and other places of public gathering but will deliberately decide to sit anywhere in the House of God. Worst of all, some people rain insults on ushers who direct them to fill the front roll chairs. Avoid such habits and acts of indiscipline in the house of God.

  1. Time wasting activities

Sometimes, the comments of the MC alone on every act in church are nothing better than a total waste of time. Singers and any other person on program must avoid wasting people’s precious time. When things are done orderly and professionally with much value for time, members who are time conscious will not complain of the time of closing.

  1. Chewing Gum Loudly

Don’t give the excuse that it keeps you awake so you have to chew to disturb others. It is very annoying and an act of indiscipline. Please chew in moderation.

  1. Sleeping and snoring

Inasmuch as one is likely to fall asleep, ensure that you have enough rest before going to church so that drowsy movements of your head and snoring will not disturb other people.

  1. Constantly standing up and walking out of the auditorium

This is an annoying indiscipline act more especially if you sit in the middle of people where a group of people have no option than to stand up to let you pass due to the arrangement of the chairs. It is better to sit at the back if you know you will stand up more often and visit the washroom or otherwise.

  1. Uncontrolled Crying of Babies

Nursing mothers should not sit down unconcerned when their babies cry to disturb the entire service. It is an act of indiscipline.

Thanks for reading this article from Have you spotted any other act of indiscipline or annoying habits in the House of God that needs to be avoided? Kindly tell us your views by commenting or sharing to educate more people.

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