10 Lessons From Abraham Attah’s Oscar Awards


Abraham Attah, the 15 year old Ghanaian Oscar Award Winner has shot into the limelight after sweeping enviable awards for playing lead roles in the movie “Beast of No Nation”. It was his first acting role that landed him in fame. Young Abraham’s success has caught the attention of both international and local media houses and has become one of the most sought after personalities to be interviewed. As I pondered on the hyped success of this young man, I caught some wisdom and understanding to share. Kindly share your thoughts with us when you are done reading.

10 Lessons from Abraham Attah’s Oscar Awards

1. Age doesn’t matter when it comes to potentials and success
The breakaway success of the 15 year old Abraham Attah resounds a lesson into the hearts of those who are waiting until they attain a particular age before they attempt something and do exploits. History is littered with many young people who have excelled in different endeavours in life.

Do not give up on your dreams. Each day, God gives us life, strength and the opportunity to keep trying our dreams until they are realized. Age doesn’t matter! What matters is hunger and thirst to pursue your dreams.

2. Excellence brings prominence
It of a truth saying that excellence brings prominence. I am yet to come across the one who has been applauded, awarded and celebrated for being a mediocre and living an ordinary and an average life. Hard work will surely pay off one day. Refuse to be content with average and mediocre life. Yearn, hunger and thirst for the best and excellent ways in life.

3. The World is Watching You
One of the important things you must take note of is that whatever you are doing, the world is watching you. People are directly and indirectly watching and tracking your movements. One day, everyone will hear of your success and you will be amazed how it all happened. Wisdom here is that, do your best all the time without compromising the standard for you do not know who is watching you.

4. Your location doesn’t sometimes matter
Sometimes, your background could be a limiting factor to your success but the Bible says “a man’s gift makes a way for him and brings him before great men”, Prov.18:16. Sometimes, you have to relocate to a better environment where your talent could be fully explored but a man’s developed gift and talent will make a way for him. When a skillful harp player was needed in the palace of King Saul, David was located and chosen while he was still in the bush but not someone from the palace or living in the estates.

5. Success breeds success
Success really breeds success. Sometimes, a single open door will be the gateway to all other doors to be opened for you. Young Abraham Attah was lucky to have swept many awards. Surprisingly, his award has led to the supply of over 10,000 free customized shoes and sandals to students in Ghana.

6. Success brings lovers and haters
The Bible says that “Wealth makes a lot of friends”, Prov. 19:4. Success and popularity will surely bring a lot of people into your life. The poor and unsuccessful man has no friend. In Genesis 26 & 27, Isaac was greatly hated because of his abundant blessings. He was driven away from his settlement because they saw his blessings as a threat to them. You must know that not everyone will smile and be happy for your success. Some people will wish you had failed in life.

7. A Call to develop talents in the youth
The success of Young Abraham is an eye opener to everyone to take development of the talents of the youth a serious business. This calls for useful programs and policies to be developed at both national and organizational levels to develop and tap the talents of the youth.

8. Education is not always the key to success
Being highly educated is not a guarantee to shine and make it in life. A well-developed talent with education is far better than only pursing the highest level of education. Many people who have developed their talents are wealthier than many professors.

9. The Power of Right Connections in life
No matter how gifted and talented you are, nobody will hear of you until you connect yourself to the right people in your life whose efforts may propelled you into success and stardom. The Bible said just as iron sharpens iron, so will a man’s countenance sharpen another man’s. The problem with many people is that they are surrounded by the wrong people whose vision and directions have no bearings at all on their future.

10. Be Grateful
It is humbling to know that young Abraham always acknowledge the very people whose efforts made him a star where the real brains behind his success may not even have the over hyped media attention. Learn to be grateful to anyone who contributed to your success in life. And above all, be grateful and faithful to your God who made all things possible in life for you despite the breathtaking challenges you passed through.

Writer: Ernest K. Akorli
(CEO, Infochristo/Writer/Blogger/Motivational Speaker)
Email: ekakorli@gmail.com


  1. An interesting piece full of lessons. Thanks to the writer for writing these wonderful lessons from the success of Abraham Attah in the movie “Beast of No Nation”. “Beasts of No Nation” is the first feature film for Netflix and on the day it premieres on the streaming service, the movie will also play in theaters in limited release. Fukunaga shot it for a little over $6 million.

  2. Very powerful motivational message from a motivator, one other thing we must note is, success in this world is by “Grace” and not by “Grade” the sky will not be your limit Mr. Editor keep on keeping on grace will take you there. Good work done keep it up all the best.


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