You Don’t Always Own All That You Possess


On my way to work yesterday, I saw a woman selling umbrella in the rains but was being beaten by the rains. She did not use even one to prevent the rains from beating her. Did she buy the umbrellas on credit and will pay the owner after selling all and keep the profit to herself? This caught my attention, struck my mind and I caught some wisdom to share with you.

Lessons From the Woman

  1. You Don’t Always Own All That You Possess.

In life, you may possess so many things but you may not own all of them. In this way, you have a responsibility to be accountable to the owner of that particular item. A typical example of this is your own body. The Bible makes it clear that we are living in a borrowed body and one day, the LORD will require of us to account unto Him what we did with our bodies whether good or bad.

  1. Determination

When other people were sleeping because of the rains and a lot more were trying to use the rains to give excuse to their employers and not go to work, this woman was determined and would not allow anything to prevent her from working to get her livelihood.

  1. Know the Season

Some products have good market in a particular season. In life, you have to know your own seasons. Know the seasons that may personally affect you and those that will assist you in life. Know the season to educate yourself, know the season to work, invest, marry, retire and other goals in you have.

  1. Take that Risk

If you don’t take any risk to achieve your visions and your goals, then know that you are risking your own life and heading towards failure and disaster.

Dare to make a difference today.

Writer: Ernest K. Akorli 

CEO of

Motivational Speaker/Writer/Blogger



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