10 things to Know Before Tagging Someone on Facebook


These days, it seems tagging people on social media especially Facebook has been going wrong. It is sometimes very disturbing when people tag you in all manner of weird photos and post. Tagging can be done in any of these ways:

  1. Seek Consent or Permission

The appropriate thing to do is seek the consent of the person you want to tag in a photo or a post but people hardly do this. If people tag you unnecessarily, then you may change your settings to approve of all tags before they appear on your wall. Most of the time, celebrities and popular people on social media are tagged unnecessarily they have thousands of followers and friends just to promote a particular item.

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  1. Why Am I Tagging This Person?

It is important to know why you are tagging someone in a photo or in a post. Ask yourself these questions before you tag the person:

  • Will it inform or deform our social relationship?
  • Is it really within the interest of the person?
  • Has this person ever commented or liked any of my posts before?
  • Do I want to catch the attention of the person tagged and all their friends and followers with interesting and useful information?
  • Do I want to reach a lot of people to promote my business or website?

Knowing the actual reason for which you are tagging the person will assist you to tag the right persons to get the right results.

  1. Know the Interest and Brand of the Person

You do not have to tag just anyone at all on social media especially on Facebook. Know the interest of the person you want to tag. Is your photo or script within the person’s interest and brand? Tagging people who are well noted for a particular field of interest and an activity is best. For instance, tagging a social media expert with a newly developed fascinating technological device is best and appropriate.

  1. Avoid Tagging Irrelevant Items

People will not take you serious when you are noted for tagging others with irrelevant items and that is the way you they will treat relevant items that you really want people to hear or know about.

  1. Is the tagged Person in this photo?

Sometimes, the appropriate thing to do is the tagged only those who appear in a group photo. You should know the reason for which you are tagging someone who is not in the group photo.

  1. Take Note of Tag Removers

Know that your tags are not welcomed on some people’s wall any time they remove or delete them. You should not continue to tag such people. They may find your tags offensive, inappropriate or simply just want their own information to be on their walls. A continuous tag may force them to unfriend and block you.

  1. Tagging becomes annoying when it’s too frequent.

How will you feel when the first ten items on your personal wall are tagged photos and post of people whom you barely knew in real life? Take note of the fact that your friends’ personal walls are not public notice board just to paste anything.

  1. Tag your real fans that comment or like anything you post.

It is more appropriate to tag your real fans and friends on social media that always like, comment or share your posts. These groups of people are always expecting something new from you and tagging them makes them feel proud.

  1. Tags Can Build Or Destroy Relationships

Tagging is a very powerful tool to market your potentials, business or website. When used appropriately, it builds more relationship. A good and an appropriate tag will attract more followers and friend requests in order to directly receive good and useful information from your posts. On the other hand, an embarrassing tag such as tagging important people with nude and inappropriate materials could show you the exit where they will block or unfriend you.

  1. Short Contents Bring Maximum Impact and Results than long boring posts

People do not like to read an overly long write-up especially if it is boring and not good enough to capture the attention of your readers to stay glued to the post and read everything. Make sure your posts can be read within 30 seconds or at most 3 minutes. Posts that go beyond three minutes should be captivating and good enough to reward the time spent by readers to read.

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