10 Reasons Pre-Wedding Photoshoots Aren’t So Important

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Weddings are a solemn event that ushers two would-be lovers into marriage. It is a time of preparation in all angles including spiritual matters which should not be taken on a lighter note. Over the years, pre-wedding photoshoots have become the order of the day as others go viral due to glamour, style or something peculiar about the would-be couples.

In most of these photoshoots, photographers are normally interested in capturing incredibly creative moments of the couples depicting their emotions, passion and intimacy. The question is who cares to know the emotions, the passion and the kind of intimacy that exists in your marriage? Despite the arguments in favour of pre-wedding photoshoots, here are some reasons why singles have to forget and avoid it. They are not so important. When done reading, kindly share your views with us by commenting.

10 Reasons Pre-Wedding Photoshoots Aren’t So Important

  1. Extra cost

I have come across several pre-wedding photoshoots where the happy would-be couples wear different designer wears or customized dresses and sometimes with the same footwear. All these add up to the huge cost to make marriage very expensive. It is not a matter of having the money to foot all those bills. In fact, that money can be used for something more important.

  1. Waste of time

Pre-wedding photoshoots can be time wasting where the would-be couples have to travel to either near or far places to take pictures that depict the kind of message they want to send around to all friends and loved ones about their big day. The time spent on pre-wedding photoshoots could be used for something more important.

  1. It creates unnecessary competition

One of the serious things about pre-wedding photoshoots is the unnecessary competition to outdo or outperform one another. Some would-be couples even pay some event organizers to think of some creative and wonderful styles that could go viral to add more fun to the event. All these are not necessary. Whom are you competing with in your marital journey?

  1. Exposes couples to spiritual and physical attacks

Do you know that taking wonderful and glamorous pictures of your pre-wedding events could send signals to your enemies that you guys are now better off in life? Physically, you could be a prime target of armed robbers and thieves. Before you wonder why armed robbers do rob some freshly married couples and rape the bride as well, pause and check whether you are thinking of doing something that will attract them. Spiritually, your marriage could be attacked. Do not expose yourselves too much to the world. Not all those who hit the like button and comment on your pictures wish you well in life.

  1. People expect so much from highly publicized marriages

My dear singles, many people will expect so much from your highly publicized wedding and eventually put pressure on your marriage. Marriage comes with a lot of challenges. The least challenge you may encounter could be a newspaper headline. Marriage is a solemn and a holy institution, if possible, keep it away from detractors and intruders.

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