10 Things Every Christian Should Do At The Workplace


Christians all over the world pass through many challenging times in their workplaces. Sometimes, Christians face serious hostilities upon disclosure of their identity as Christians. Despite the challenges you go through at work, it behoves every Christian to ensure proper sanity at work and observe some rules. It is important for every Christian to take note of these.

10 things every Christian should do at the workplace.

  1. Do not always use working hours to read Bible and Pray

You are employed to work within a stipulated time period. It is not advisable for a Christian to be using working hours to be reading Bible and praying instead of working. One may only do this when there is no work at all but it will be advisable to do this earlier before work commences, during lunch breaks and closing time.

  1. Do not Break Company Rules

It is better to quit your job and look for a better one if you are a Christian and you realize that some of the rules, regulations and bylaws in your workplace do not conform to your Christian beliefs and practices. Breaking rules contrary to your faith will only tarnish your image, destroy your records and may be a negative point of reference on you in the near future when you stand for a higher position.

  1. Be An Example

As a Christian, you are supposed to be a good example in everything you do in the workplace. In 1 Timothy 4:12, the Bible entreats all Christians to be an example to people in word, actions and in any way possible. Know that you have failed as a Christian if your coworkers cannot even identify you as a Christian.

  1. Do not Discriminate

The fact that one does not share the same or similar beliefs and practices with you does not mean you should discriminate. A good Christian should not be interested in forming cliques. This is not to say you should equally yoke together with unbelievers and corrupt your manners. How will you win them for Christ if they see your discriminatory actions against them?

  1. Do not force your religion on others

The world is full of people with different religious backgrounds. Trying to force your religion on people will cause hatred, rejection from peers and eventually destroy relationship and friendship. It will be better to accept them, love and teach them until they understand you and your religion. Remember, you are not a ‘religious terrorist’ to force your religion on people.

  1. Set High Moral Standards

As a Christian, you must live and make impact everywhere you find yourself. Christianity is not a religion but a practical life experience to live like Christ and eschew all manner of immoral and corrupt activities. Let your life be the standard and benchmark for others to emulate.

  1. Live at peace with everyone

In Rom. 12:18, the Bible admonishes us to live at peace with everyone, if possible. Jesus Christ did not come to divide us but to unite us. Before Jesus departed, He prayed and wished that the disciples and the church of God will be one and live at peace with each other (John 17:21)

  1. Do not compromise your Christian Virtues

Most often, some Christians hide their identity when they are in office uniforms and conform to the corrupt practices in the world and in the workplace. In Rom. 12:2, the Bible admonishes us not to conform to the world. Live above the standards of the world.

  1. Be truthful and transparent

A Christian that is full of lies, crooked ways and not transparent in transactions is a bad example to the world. He who practices this is no different from the unbeliever who is ready to cheat the system for his parochial interest.

  1. Avoid Conflict of Interest and Illegal Activities

As a Christian, you must know that you were employed to render a particular service payable at the end of every month or upon execution of contract. Know that it is sinful to be engaged in illegal activities and any other activity which conflicts the interest of the company.

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  1. Great article. I pray all workers including myself will abide by the tenets of work ethics and do due-diligence to whatever assignment there is to do.


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