Positive Declaration Prayer: Goodness And Mercy Shall Follow Me


I declare in the name of Jesus, that goodness and mercy shall follow me in this year and all the days of my life.

Any form of bad luck, schemed evil plots, calculated devilish plans and well projected bad luck against me and my family shall not prosper in the Mighty Name of Jesus.

I am what I am according to the plans and promises of God for my life in this year but not according to the thoughts of men, not according to the plots of the evil one, not according to the expectations of men but according to my divine assignment.

Goodness and mercy shall follow me, my family members, friends, acquaintances and any associates.

I shall prosper and continually prosper even in the conditions where people failed miserably. Anything that is meant to bring me shame will bring goodness in the name of Jesus. Anything that is meant to take away and subtract from my life shall come to add up to my goodness and multiply my joy in the name of Jesus.


Goodness shall be found at my dwelling place. Mercy shall be the clothes I will wear everywhere I go.

I’m born to do exploits but not to be exploited. I’m born for goodness but not good for nothing.

Anything that is meant to kill me shall bring me good in this year.

Anyone assigned to take good away from me is obliged to do only good.

Any trap that is fashioned to destroy the goodness in my life shall fasten it

Even when I mistakenly drink poison and any other deadly thing, the mercy of God shall spare my life and His goodness shall keep me strong.

I declare that in this year, only good things and mercy shall follow me everywhere I go. I am a product of grace, a friend to mercy of God and the partner of goodness.

I declare that in this year, everything shall work for my good in Jesus name.

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