12 Reasons People Dance In Church

12 Reasons People Dance In Church

Dancing is one of the activities you cannot separate from Christian gatherings in any church service. To some people, once they miss the praise time in church, it seems they have not gone to church at all and to others too, the worship time is what they crave for apart from the Word of God. Imagine a church without singing, dancing and clapping; it will definitely be a boring service but it will amaze you to know that, there are some churches or religious gatherings that do not dance. Dancing is an occasional event done in those churches or religious services.

In my quest to know the reasons people dance in church, I have observed over the past few years the under listed 12 reasons why people dance in church. When done reading, tell us your views by commenting on the reasons people dance in church.

12 Reasons People Dance In Church

  1. Simply love dancing

About 13 years ago, I came across a very handsome and energetic young man who swiftly moves to the dancing floor upon the sound of any song. He danced so well to the admiration of the congregation, hence, he was nicknamed the dancing prophet. This young man really loves dancing.

  1. When Dancing is A Gift

To some people, dancing is a gift and they cannot deprive themselves from using their potentials to glorify God. When a gifted person moves to the dancing floor, you can see the skills displayed and how flexible you will see the person in his or her movements. The late Michael Jackson was not only a great musician but also a gifted dancer.

  1. To praise and thank God

When you remember what the Lord has done for you, you cannot keep quiet over it but spring onto your feet with singing and dancing. In Psalm 30:11, the writer said you have turned for me my mourning into dancing. You have loosed my sackcloth and girded me with gladness.

  1. When the music and instruments are good

Once a song is sang and the instruments are played, dancing is likely to be the next move to follow unless of course the song is a worship song or a non-danceable song. In Exodus 15:20, Miriam, the prophetess took timbrels and as she began to sing, the women followed her doing same, singing and dancing. Good and quality sound trigger dancing. However, instrumentals that are full of noise is annoying and easily prevent people from dancing. Unfortunately for some churches, they are only making noise, they do not really sing. When noise is mixed with music, it detracts the church service.

  1. When your favourite praise song is sung

There are a lot of good spirit filled songs but there is that particular song(s) that moves every nerve and vein in your body and cause you to move to the dancing floor. The disadvantage here is that, your mind may be too programmed to the extent that you may not feel happy anytime your favourite praise song is not sang. This may cause you to develop some dislike for the church service or the music leaders. Remember that the praise and worship songs are meant for God but not for you to enjoy.

  1. Good news

A lot of people dance because they are carrying some good news and they cannot give testimonies about it so they choose to dance and give offering in appreciation of what God has done for them. Whether good news or no good news, God must be praised and worshipped. The Apostle Paul asked what can separate us from the love of God (Romans 8:35 – 39)

  1. You feel shy to sing or give testimony

In church, you will come across many people with great testimonies but due to shyness, sensitive issues and other personal reasons, they choose to give offerings and dance instead of singing and giving testimonies in church.

  1. Wearing New dresses

If you are dancing in your new dress as a form of adoration and thanksgiving unto God for blessing you, then you are on the right track but to dance to show off your new dress is a wrong motive. You are dancing to please people and to show off but not to bring glory to God. Desist from such kind of acts. They do not bring glory to God but to draw attention and glorify yourself.

  1. People dance simply because everyone is dancing

One of the things I dislike in church is when everyone around me moves to the dancing floor and I’m left all alone. When this happens, sometimes, one of your colleagues will pull you to join them to dance. In this case, you are dancing because everyone is dancing and you will be the only odd person left behind but not in reverence to God and to appreciate Him for His kindness and mercies in your life.

  1. When the pastor or leader ask you to dance

To some people, they are dancing, singing, clapping and doing any other thing in the house of God because the pastor or the music leader asked them to do so but their hearts and minds are far from the actions. To this group, Jesus addressed as lip worshippers, they worship God with their lips but their hearts and lifestyles are far from the truth (Matthew 15:8-9).

  1. When one is moved by the Holy Spirit

Have you ever seen someone carried under the unction of the Holy Spirit and the person could not stop dancing? Sometimes, when the Heavens want to fill your life with much happiness, a touch of this to impact your life may manifest with uncontrollable laughter, singing praise songs or dancing in the House of God.

  1. To announce your presence and for Personal Reasons

A few years ago, a friend told me that he had 3 important weddings to attend on same day which were organized almost around the same time. The couples to be wedded were too close and very important friends to the extent that they may not forgive him for not attending. Surprisingly, he managed to attend the 3 weddings. When I asked how he managed to attend the 3, he smiled and said, “It’s very simple. I used wisdom”.

My friend decided to attend the 3 weddings and was only waiting for any danceable song. Once the song was up, he was the first to move forward to dance and he danced skillfully to attract the attention and admiration of the would-be couple just to announce his presence. Once the music ended, he walked out of the auditorium and headed straight to another church and did likewise.

What motivates someone to dance in church may not be to praise, worship and thank God. It could simply be to impress a particular young man or woman to announce one’s presence in a particular function. Once the motive becomes a personal reason rather than in reverence to your Maker, you reduce the spirituality and essence of church service to any other social gathering.

Did I miss anything about the 12 reasons people dance in church? Kindly tell us your views by commenting in the box below.

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