What Position Do You Admire To Occupy In Church


As Pastor Kimpo Limpo was busily preaching, he advised his members to have the work of God at heart so he decided to randomly ask his members to mention the position each and everyone of them admire to occupy in church.

Pastor:    What can you do for the Lord?

Simon:    I want to be an Evangelist and win more souls.

Pastor:    Good. May the Lord empower you.

David:    I want God to bless me to sponsor any evangelism activity in the church.

Pastor:    Good. May the Lord grant your request.

Janet:    I want to be a chorus leader or an instrumentalist.

(Pastor paused for a while and asked)

Pastor:    Can you please tell us why you want to be a Chorus Leader or an instrumentalist?

Janet:    Chorus leaders and instrumentalists don’t usually give offerings in church. They are specialists in singing songs that will ginger people to give more offerings but most of them do not give offering because they are doing the singing.

The entire membership burst into uncontrollable laughter.



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