13 Bad Reasons Why People Attend Church

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Attending church should not just be one of the normal things you do. No, it should not be a normal function you attend. Recently, I have engaged some people in conversations about the reasons why they attend church and I was amazed to know that a number of people attend church for many weird reasons. Their reasons are not related to salvation but for other things of personal interest to them.

The truth of the matter is that, if you attend church for any of the under listed reasons, then be sure that you are likely to miss your blessings and the ultimate being heaven. When you are done reading about the 13 bad reasons why people attend church, kindly share your experience or views with us. Remember, you may miss your blessings if you attend church because of these reasons.

13 Bad Reasons Why People Attend Church

  1. You Don’t Have Any Excuse Or Lies To Tell Your Pastor Or Leaders

Sometimes, some people go to church simply because they do not have any excuse or lies to tell their church leaders or pastors for not attending church so they eventually end up in church on that day. The truth of the matter is that you are attending the church service just to avoid being asked several questions for not attending and to also avoid telling lies or giving excuses. You are not in church to receive from God and be blessed but to please your pastor and church leaders. This is totally a waste of time; there is no need going to church if your prime motive is not to get connected to your God.

  1. Because You Are A Leader Or Hold A Position

I have heard many people several times saying that they wouldn’t have attended church service if they were just members on some particulars days. If you are attending church because you are a leader then it means you are in the House of God just because of position. What happens if you handover the position? Does that mean that your presence won’t be felt that much again? Sometimes, it becomes too obvious when some people handover their positions and they are not active in church again. The fact that you have handed over some positions does not mean that you have retired from active service for the Lord.

  1. You Are On Program Or Have A Role To Play

Are you part of those who only attend church when they are on program to minister whether song ministration, preaching, leading prayer sessions or being the MC. It is funny how these group of people sometimes get angry if the attendance was poor. Who should come and listen to you speak when you do not like attending church service to listen to other people too?

  1. Meeting Someone In Church Or Meetings After Church

Do you sometimes find yourself in church because someone requested to meet you after closing? Surprisingly, some people show clear attitude of not desiring to attend church at all so they will set off to the church premises when it is almost time of closing to meet the person who wants to meet them after closing. It is a bad attitude and a reason to be in church. Note that you are there because of meetings but not to encounter God. When this happens, the house of God becomes a meeting place just like any normal conference room but not a place to encounter the supernatural.

  1. To show off

Have you realized that some people out of the blue will surface and come to show off, dance for all to see when they have new and beautiful dresses, cars, latest phones and other material things? These group of people are in the church just to make a show of their possessions. Remember that church service is not a fashion show.

  1. For Entitlements and Social Benefits

I have come across many people who openly told me that they started attending church because they want the church to officiate their funeral services when they die and get other welfare packages such as loss of relatives, wedding ceremonies, naming ceremonies and during time of sickness. Some people are simply in the church for benefits but not because of salvation.

  1. To avoid the “sinners tag” on those who don’t go to church

In my neighborhood, almost everyone who knows you may question you to know why you could not attend church on a Sunday morning. The more you stay in the house without attending church, the more people may place a tag on you as a “sinner”, hence always avoiding the house of God.  To avoid name calling and continuous pestering of people to know why they could not attend church, people eventually find themselves in churches just to satisfy their neighbours.

  1. When things are going well in your life only

There are a lot of people who stay in the house and refuse to attend church because of financial crisis. It is worrying to attend church when you do not even have a coin on you for transport or offering but to some people, one should only attend church when the person is well off in life. That is a bad idea. Worshipping God should not be from your abundance. The rich and the poor alike are to worship God unconditionally. In Romans 8:31, the Apostle Paul asked a profound question:  Can anything ever separate us from Christ’s love? Does it mean he no longer loves us if we have trouble or calamity, or are persecuted, or hungry, or destitute, or in danger, or threatened with death?. Never allow your temporary hardships in life determine you permanent position in life. 

  1. Staying at home is boring

It is high time people stopped taking the house of God for entertainment. Though it’s fun being in the House of God, the prime motive of attending church should not be to kill boredom. There is comfort, joy and inner peace and happiness in the word of God but your prime motive for attending church should not be to kill your boredom. It is better to go to a movie house if you know you are only in the church for entertainment.

  1. When You Think Christianity Is All About Attending Church

To a lot of people, salvation is attained through attending church and that ends it. Oh really? How about attending school and making sure that you do not miss any lecture but at the end of the day, you cannot graduate and have any certificate since your name is not registered in the books as a student. Attending church alone without registering your name in the book of life is dangerous. You have to work out your salvation by first accepting Jesus Christ as your LORD and Savior and living according to the Word of God but not merely attending church.

  1. For social networks

Do you know that most of the business tycoons, celebrities, experts and some iconic people you are looking for can be found in the churches? There are some people in some churches because a particular person they admire also attends that church and they will do everything possible to worm their way through to stay connected to these people. Are you attending church because your favourite celebrities or stars are also attending that church or you are doing so to seek your salvation for eternal life? Think about this well.

  1. For the Pride of Attending a Popular Preacher’s Church

There are some people who are in some churches because their founders or leaders preach on TV or some celebrities and some caliber of rich businessmen attend those churches. Some people just take pride in being in the same church with some popular people.

  1. For Parties and Celebrations

There are some people who are always alert to look out for churches which are organizing parties, breakfast meetings, get-togethers and other events where food and drinks will be served. Know that you are in church because of salvation but to quench your starvation.

Afterthougt Points

Here are two additional points added after the original article which ended with 13 bad reasons why people attend church. Enjoy your reading.

14. Marital Partner & Baby Seekers

Have you realized that there are some ladies in the church that will attend all forms of church gatherings, dress in their very best and try to play active roles in the church? Most of these women are only looking for husbands. As soon as they marry, their attitudes towards the things of God change and their commitment reduces sharply. This is one of the worst reasons why people attend church.

15. For Money and other material blessings

How about the man who has listened to the prosperity sermons of pastors and doing everything possible to hit the jackpot in the church. These days, many pastors are just concerned about prosperity in material blessings more than the prosperity of the souls of the members to be fully secured in the book of life. There are many people in the house of God who are there just to seek financial breakthroughs and as soon as they get the money, their attitudes toward church service and the things of God change totally.  Seek the Creator instead of the creation. Seek first the kingdom of God and its righteousness and all other things shall be added onto you.

Did we miss anything? Kindly share your experiences with.

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