How I Want My Funeral Service Organized

How I Want My Funeral Service Organized

I am living a life today and hoping that my funeral service some years to come will not be full of shedding bitter tears but better singing and glory to God because I want to leave behind more happiness than sorrow and when people ask my children why they aren’t crying, they will say: “Daddy taught us to only cry for the man who died without Christ and never achieved his purpose on earth for there is no tragedy in life than living without purpose and dying without Christ”.

I am living a life today so that I will die empty tomorrow but not to return to my Maker will all my potentials intact and not deployed for exploit. It is only by discharging my duties skillfully will my Maker say to me: “Well done, you good and faithful servant.

I am living a life today that can at least guarantee a better future and hope for tomorrow otherwise I will spend my old age at the mercy of my children and stubborn grandchildren who may not even respect me.

I do not want to live and survive on the leftovers from people during my old age and that is why I am living in a way today so that when I grow old, I will not be a burden to anyone.

Oh yes, I am living a life today so that when I die, there will be more testimonies about my life and the impact I made than the bad memories of my days.


My life, I am living it, not according to the wishes and predictions of men but according to revelation and purpose. My life is not controlled and determined by humanity but divinity at work in me.

Remember, if you don’t live in a way to achieve your dreams, then you will end up being hired to work out someone’s dream to achieve his purpose.

This is how i want my funeral service to be organized. How do you want your funeral service to be organized? Will it be full of shedding bitters tears or your children and your spouse will be full of praise to God for your life? Think about it.



  1. The internet is full of many useful information and such is this piece about the end of man. You just blessed my soul with your writings. I’ll surely share in social circles


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