30 Annoying And Insulting Questions You Should Stop Asking Singles


Recently, I was invited to speak at a conference as one of the main resource persons for a training session on Christian leadership and making a difference at the workplace. Every participant seemed very impressed and happy about my presentation, hence, the resultant comments after the close of the training session.

As I was leaving to board a waiting vehicle, one of the event organizers run after me and asked: “Sir, I was highly impressed by your presentation skills and your knowledge but why have you decided to remain single and not married despite the heights that you have reached so far in life?”

Though I answered his annoying question just because I wanted to be nice, I also found the question somehow insulting. You don’t just ask strangers personal questions without first striking a relationship with them. Sometimes, the manner in which people ask the question could embarrass you in public.

If you are fond of poking your nose into people’s affairs to know why they are still single and not married, then be careful how you go about it. Remember, it is not what you said that matters but how you said it is the actual bone of contention here. Asking singles questions about their marital and relationship status in an annoying and insulting manner could ruin relationships and perhaps, block opportunities. Not all people especially singles feel okay to talk about about their private lives.

As I thought about the manner in which the event organizer asked me the question, I was led to outline a few annoying and insulting questions you should stop asking singles. The worst annoying of it all is that, those who ask do not necessarily ask with the mind of assisting you but to satisfy their inquisitive minds.


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30 Annoying And Insulting Questions You Should Stop Asking Singles

  1. Why are you still single and not married at this age?
  2. Is it that you cannot simply propose or you haven’t met the right person yet?
  3. How does it feel like to be single when God Himself said it is not good for man to live alone?
  4. What at all are you looking for in life before you get married?
  5. How do you feel when you see your age mates, friends and even younger people than you getting married and having children?
  6. Do you know that you are not complete in life so long as you are still single?
  7. You always dress beautifully to attend other peoples weddings and naming ceremonies, when will we also attend yours?
  8. Are you considering celibacy or you just enjoy being single?
  9. When am I wearing my new shirt and shoe to your wedding?
  10. Do you know that singles are the worst suspects when it comes to immoral issues?
  11. Should I hook you up with someone since you aren’t getting any?
  12. Is it that you do not have the money to marry or your preparations aren’t complete or you have not simply met the right person?
  13. Do you think you have the grace to still remain single for a while?
  14. Don’t you think you guys have dated too long enough to get settled as husband and wife?
  15. Are you trying to mean that you still can’t find the right person out of the over 6bn people in the world?
  16. (For the single men) Is it that you cannot perform in bed so you want to stay away from marriage?)
  17. (For the single ladies) If you have a womb that can carry babies for 9 months, then why are you still single and not making babies at your age?
  18. Are you sure you are a husband or wife material?
  19. How many people have you dated and still remained single?
  20. Do you think your family members will be happy with you for being single at this your age?
  21. Do you know that you cannot occupy some positions in life so long as you are still single and not married?
  22. Are you still a virgin at this your age?
  23. Do you think you are a real man or woman? If yes, then why are you still single?
  24. Do you enjoy being alone instead of being with a loving and a caring partner?
  25. Isn’t it adorable to see couples happily walking and playing together?
  26. When should I expect my grandchildren?
  27. Why is it that no suitor has spotted a good person like you?
  28. When are you taking your relationship to the next level to tie the knot?
  29. When are you introducing him / her to me as your life partner?
  30. Do you want your parents to die and rot in their graves before you give them grandchildren?

Have you experienced these 30 annoying and insulting questions before as a single? Share some of your annoying moments with us by commenting.

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