Don’t Ignore The Warning Signs In Life


Recently, I was being chauffeured after church by my Big friend, Elder Michael Appiah, and as I sat in his car, there was a continuous beeping sound indicating that I had not put on my seat belt. Immediately I did, the sound stopped and as I thought about it, I caught some wisdom and instruction to share with my cherished readers.

Many of the disasters that happened to us may first come as a warning sign and then to a continuous warning sign but most of the time, we become too stubborn to heed to such signals and do otherwise. The aftermath of not heeding and taking action is sometimes, unrepairable damages and losses in life.

Lessons to learn from warning signs in life?

  1. Prompter of Probable Danger

The purpose of a warning sign is to prompt you of any probable danger that lies ahead. Once you are prompted, it is expected that you take action to prevent it from happening. Two of the important prompters of dangers ahead are your conscience and the Holy Spirit. How many times have you ignored the promptings of the Holy Spirit and thoughts in your mind and later suffered the consequences?

  1. It Shows Rules And Regulations Are Violated

Warning sounds are clear signs that rules and regulations are not being followed as designed by the manufacturer and that may trigger something dangerous. The man who has no regard for rules and regulations will never enjoy life. Ignore the rules and you will always find yourself wanting in the grip of the law all the time. Sometimes, you have to sit down and ask yourself whether you are violating some personal rules, religious rules, corporate and other social rules.

  1. Warning Signs Call For Proactive Remedial Actions

Warning signals call for proactive remedial actions but most of the time, some people will wait till the situation gets worst before seeking help. The warning sign is not just meant to inform you, it is indirectly telling you to take actions before the unfortunate happens.

  1. Meant to Protect Both The User And The Device

Most of the warning signs that we ignore are mostly meant to protect the users of the device even more than the actual device. Turning a deaf ear and proving stubborn to such warning signs is a way of risking your own life and the device.

  1. Warning Signs Are Not For Amusement

I have boarded many cars where people do not put on their seat belts and the continuous beeping does not tickle the driver or the passengers. Is the beeping sound for amusement or music in the car? It’s certainly not. Your continuous attitude of not doing the right thing will affect you in many spheres in life. The surprising thing is that, sometimes passengers do not complain or even remind drivers to do the right thing.

Life is not meant to be lived carelessly. There are rules and regulations governing our lives and everything we do on the surface of the earth. Without following instructions and taking precautions when the warning signals sound, you will end up destroying what you have labored to acquire.

Areas To Be Mindful Of Warning Signs In Your Life

  1. Relationship

Do not be blinded by love and ignore some too obvious warnings signs. You will regret at the end if you ignore some dangerous warnings signs that should serve as red flags to advise you to end that deadly relationship. And to the married, beware of the signs that could mar your marital life. Ignoring those signs could cause irreparable damages leading to heartbreaks, abuse and divorce. Protect yourself, relationship and marriage. Take care.

  1. Business

Have you realized how your business is continuously performing poorly? Have you realized that it is becoming difficult for you to pay salaries on time? You cannot leave your business on autopilot. You have to take action. Unfortunately, many people see the signs but hardly take an action, instead they complain and blame others. The best thing to do is to know the vision and goals of the business and continuously measure actual performance with set standards and this will give you a fair idea of the performance of your business.

  1. Education

One of the obvious signs that should warn you is your academic performance. If your performance is falling, it is a sure sign that there is something wrong. May be you did not put in much efforts or perharps, you are spending more time on other things which is affecting your academics. It is time to examine your life now.

  1. Personal Life

Life is not all about waking up, doing the normal things over and over again. A meaningful life is not the one that does the normal things but the one that is lived according purpose and discipline to achieve a particular goal. What plans have you set for yourself and what are the red flags or warnings that you should pay attention to?

  1. Finances

Without discipline, your personal finance will run into debts and a lot of borrowing. Some people are not disciplined when it comes to spending. They do not mind spending 5 years savings on a girlfriend or boyfriend’s birthday party. Does that mean you have to save for another 5 years again to get that amount of money for your protect? Do not be wasteful but be mindful in your spending habit. Avoid impulse buying. If possible, make a list of all important items you need and budget for them. Do not live your life and finances to be controlled by people and situations.

  1. Ministry, Etc.

Are you a leader of any religious group? How is your tenure of office ending? It is sad to know that many leaders start with so much power, zeal and vision but end up as poor finishers making it difficult for the next leader to start all over again. Do not only pay attention to membership attendance, ensure that the spiritual and sometimes, the physical needs of the people are met. Doing ministry is not all about standing in front of the congregation or people to shout inspirational and biblical words. There is more to that.

Did we miss anything? Tell us about some of the warning signs we have to be careful about in life and never ignore

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