The Benefits of Going Through Tests & Trials

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Test, trials and temptations only make you stronger, patient in life and matured for a higher calling so stop cursing those who put you through these hard times. Your immaturity, impatience and temper can destroy the vehicle taking you to your destiny. The Christian that lacks understanding is quick to blame people, curse others and get frustrated in life.

Listen to me, it is not every problem or bad times that come your way that you have to pray against. Some are meant to teach you the lessons for the next level. Not all bad things that happen to you show that the hand of the devil is activated in your life. Most of the tests, trials and temptations you go through only come to strengthen you, teach you tough lessons, open your sense of deep thinking and understanding.

Sometimes, the bitterest of all the problems you go through teach you more lessons than the events that fill your mouth with laughter. In life, you understand people better, feel for them and know how to assist them in any way possible if you have been through such situations before.

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One day, a young man came to me shedding bitter tears and felt there was no hope left for me. He practically told me that it was better to exit this unfair world through suicide than to be alive and be clothed with bitter life experiences. After crying, I took time to share my experiences with him. Within few minutes, he was shocked to have learnt that I really went through worst and terrible times and still made it in life. Listen to me, someone needs your testimony for tomorrow. Your story is capable of changing someone’s life and lightening the dark path of others if only you don’t give up but hold on to your God.


Take your time and maintain your calm. It is very tricky when God changes His method. When the Hand of the Lord is at work in your life but with an unpalatable method, you may think the devil is really at work and you may start casting and binding the devil. Hey! Take time, be patient and see the fruits of your hard times.

You know what, you need that testimony tomorrow to save a brother or sister so stand firm in whatever you are going through now. Brighter days ahead!

Remember that the tests, the trials and the temptations you go through are not meant to break and kill you but for your own benefit. Keep calm and maintain your balance.

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