The Greatest Confusion – My Second Dream About Rapture


I freaked my eyes opened this morning only to realize that it was all another terrible dream about rapture. Within a twinkling of an eye, the trumpet sounded, calling all the righteous ones to join Christ Jesus in the sky and be sent away from this world of horrible pain and deception.

I was caught up in the spirit in a whirlwind and sent to many places to see how terrible it was to miss the rapture. As I moved around the principal streets of towns, I could visibly see many cars whose owners were caught away and what a huge traffic jam and confusion.

I saw families, friends and loved ones running helter skelter in search of their missing relatives. One unfortunate thing was all communication network lines were jammed as everyone picked his or her phone to call to find out whether their friends, children, husbands and wives have been raptured away.

And there I saw many people who broke into uncontrollable tears for missing heaven. They were the most religious, attended church regularly, paid their tithes, fasted more than anyone else but had so many ugly and scaring skeletons in their cupboard. These were the calibre of Christians who live double lives.

All Tv and radio stations were talking about it, from BBC, CNN, Aljazera to any other media platform. The social media were jammed. Surprisingly, most of the regular faces on Tv casting news were the very ones that came forward to break the news of rapture. I felt so bad when some top men of God were called to the Tv stations to be interviewed to tell the confused world the way forward after missing the rapture.


What amazed me so much was the greater number of Christians who could not be raptured. What is the worth of our suffering as Christians if we cannot make heaven but crave and indulge ourselves into secret sins. Another surprising and confusing issue was some of those regarded as ‘not holy’ rather made it to heaven…

The greatest confusion is still fresh in my memories that I can hardly eat today but have a quick “U Turn” in my life and be conscious of all deeds whether public or secret.

On Sundays, many church auditoriums will be full of Christians who appear to be holy but are merely a bunch of hypocrites who have come before God in white apparels, handkerchiefs, dance, sing and give big offerings but are not ready to offer their lives totally to God.

If you know you are part of the hypocrites, speaking in big tongues and yet live dirty lives like unbelievers, then note that you are not deceiving anyone. And to Christians and Men of God, “The worst form of hypocrisy is telling someone not to do what we ourselves are guilty of”.

This is a wakeup call from our sinful and secret ways that do not please the Lord. If you have not surrended your life to Christ, it is still not late. Today, you have to make that decision now and make heaven tomorrow. I pray the Lord reveals more of such terrible incidents of rapture to those who do not believe that one day and very soon, something of that sort will happen…. Ernest K. Akorli

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  1. Hmmmmnn.I know it will surely come to pass n so I entreat all saints to be very serious with our christian life


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