By All Means, Support Your Parents – Jonathan Adzokpe


In a documentary shown a year or so ago on one of Ghana’s television networks, an old woman was found living in a dilapidated kiosk in a bush somewhere. After several checks, it was revealed that all four of her children were living abroad and doing well in life. Their reason for not supporting their mother was because she is said to be a witch. I am not sure who told them that but I believe this has been the order of the day recently where some unscrupulous pastors and prophets would be quick to tell children that their parents are witches and wizards.

Unfortunately, it is mothers who suffer the most. I don’t believe any pastor, no matter how anointed, should convince you enough to STOP supporting your parents. It is wrong and not scriptural. If you are a Christian and believe that when you give your money to your parents, they could do “something” with it and make you poor, then know that you are still a babe in your walk with God.

Listen: Christianity and poverty are oxymoron. It is just like saying, you are healthy sick. It doesn’t make sense. You can’t be a staunch Christian and give money to your parents and expect to remain poor because they will use your money as a point of contact and bewitch you to be poor. It can’t happen! Of course you are right to blame your parents for their inability to plan their lives well and thus, today, they may appear a “burden” on you.

Remember that in their days, they didn’t have the benefit of reading many personal finance books like we have in our days today. You don’t have to earn millions to support them. Trust me, the least but appreciable amount will be so appreciated by them. Add them to your monthly budget. Be sure to pay your tithe, invest/save a part, set something aside to take you through the month, and get them their share.

Regularly review their share upwards to keep up with the rising cost of goods and services. This will go a long way to help them meet their life’s needs. Remember that I am not saying you should meet all their needs in life. Chances are you may not be able to do so now. But, SUPPORT them.


On the flip side, you have to be wise. Here’s why: I was a participant of one of Citi FM’s Money Fair a few years ago. There, one of the participants narrated why he hadn’t been able to wed his fiancee because his family had been a burden on him such that, he was unable to save enough to finance their marriage rites. Inasmuch as you are to support your parents, and siblings, of course, you’ve got to be wise about it.

You didn’t plunge them into their current financial challenges and therefore want to be the solution to their problems. You are only playing a supporting role. So if they will want to use that support of yours as an advantage to siphon resources from you, then you’ve got to be wise. Remember the money doesn’t come into their account. It comes into your account. You have the control on how much to give them. Don’t let them make “unnecessary” and “unusual” demands of you. When you realize they are taking your support for granted and going overboard to take advantage of you, advise yourself.

But by all means, support your parents. The prayers and blessings they will speak over your life will go a long way to increase you in tremendous ways you never thought. If you are employed and living well, don’t ever be without supporting your parents. It’s very important!



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