5 People Who Cannot Assist You in Life But You Still Need Them

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Sometimes, you may believe that your true friends are the very ones that are able to support you in cash or in kind during your worst moments in life but that is not always the case. In my several years of rich experience in life, I have come to realize that some people may not necessarily assist you in life either in cash or in kind but you badly need them in life.

In this article, I want to share with you the 5 people who cannot assist you in any way in your life but you still need them around you because of their diverse ways of helping to push you forward.

5 People Who Cannot Assist You in Life But You Still Need Them

  1. Those who truly love you but cannot assist you

This may sound strange but there are a lot of people that dearly love and cherish you but these people do not have the capacity to assist you and push you forward in life. All they could do is to wish you well and pray for God to open greater doors for you. These caliber of people are the very ones that may be living in deep sorrow when they hear that something bad has happened to you. They may deny themselves of food and think and worry themselves all because something bad happened to you. Cherish these people; they are not just your fans but the real people that need you alive and see you succeed. To them, your success is their joy and your failure is their sadness.

  1. Those who cannot save you but advice you.

There are some people that cannot save you in your worst situation but their pieces of advice is all you need to get you out of your messy situation. These are the people who may not have the financial strength or the power and authority to speak and things will be done because a superior and a senior man has spoken. Never only prioritize the friends and people that only dish out a lot of cash to you. Remember, without the wisdom of the wise, your money may develop wings and fly away from you within a twinkling of an eye.

  1. Those who cannot help you but always pray for you

In life, there are some people that cannot help because they do not simply have the money. They are only trying to manage their bad situations and hoping life gets better. These caliber of people cannot financially assist you but I bet you, they may be the very ones that are always praying for you. Guess what, their prayers could be the very reason for which you are standing on your feet.

  1. Those who don’t have but will never leave and turn their back on you

It is in times of trouble that you get to know who your true friends are. There are some people that do not have a penny but they are the very ones that will still believe in you and stick to you when all men give up on you. Cherish these people. Their love, loyalty and friendships are far better than money.

  1. Those who are broken down but have information to your breakthrough

In 1 Samuel 9:6, it was a servant who gave the information to Saul about a prophet in the town called Samuel and this eventually led to him becoming the first king over Israel. In 2 Kings 5:3, it was a servant that gave the information to Naaman, a whole army commander who was sick of leprosy to receive healing. Naaman surrounded himself with all the government officials such as the Minister of Health, the Minister of Information and foreign affairs minister but none knew and connected him to the prophet who could heal him.

Respect everyone in life. Some people could be of no value to you today but tomorrow, he may be most valuable person may you may have in life.

Did I miss anything about the 5 people who cannot assist you but still need them anyway in life? Kindly share your story and experience with us.



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