Positive Declarations: I Shall Not Die Before My Time


In the mighty name of Jesus, I decree and declare that I shall not die before my time but I shall live long and declare the works of the Lord according to the fullness of my time in Christ Jesus, my Lord.

I declare that any spirit of premature death hovering around me, my family, wife/husband and children, my church members and all those associated directly and indirectly to me be thwarted in Jesus’ name.

Any sickness that leads to the grave cannot pass through my family. Any sickness that wastes family resources and lifetime savings is brought low to submit to the healing power in the blood of Jesus.

And now I declare, any hidden sickness in my bones, marrow, veins, in my systems and in my blood be washed away in the mighty name of Jesus. I agree with the scriptures in the book of Isaiah 53:5 that by His stripes, we are healed and so do I declare my total healing today in the name of Jesus.

I cover myself and my entire family with the blood of Jesus; the blood that speaks better things than the blood of Abel.


I am who God says I am in the name of Jesus. I shall accomplish my destiny before I will die. I declare that I will die empty but not will my potentials not tapped.

I declare in the name of Jesus, I come against every form of accident that has been carefully planned, calculated, fashioned and projected against me and my family in the name of Jesus. None of my family members shall die through any form of accident. We shall live and enjoy our lives till a very good old age before we depart to be with our maker.

We subdue and thwart any form of accident that is scheduled in the air, road, water and any other means of transport.

I build a hedge of fire around myself and my family in the name of Jesus; for any weapon that is fashioned against us to lead to death is destroyed in the name of Jesus.

I shall not die before my time.

We shall not die before our time.

We shall live long and enjoy good life according to the fullness of time God has assigned us.

I shall not die premature death. I am more than a conqueror over death.

You spirit of death, you have no authority over me because Jesus conquered you and took away the power of your sting. If I will die, I will die because I have finished my assignment on earth but not through any untimely death.

I decree and I declare that I shall not die before my time, in Jesus’ Mighty Name, AMEN.

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