Don’t Boast Because You Have Everything In Life Today



Do not boast because you have everything in life today. You may be reduced to nothing in the next minutes. Where is the pride of those who boast? Look at the people who died painfully in this gruesome accident. Where is their pride again?

Pride is one of the things that will take people to their early graves. Today, you may think you are somebody just because of your money, beauty, position and some few opportunities that came your way.

Money is nothing; and in fact, wealth is something that can develop wings and fly away from you within split seconds.

The rich are dying, the poor are dying and both adults and children are also dying. When it comes to death, there is no favouritism.


In the gory pictures of the terrible accident scene, tell me which of them ate in a five star hotel. Tell me which of them ate in the worst slum or ghetto before boarding the car.

Some people are filthy rich but they die and no one even sees their body and give them a befitting burial. Another person could be very poor and yet, his or her burial could be befitting. The world is full of so many ironies.

Do not beat your chest and say you are who you are because of your money and position. You may have the most and the best comprehensive insurance policies to cover you and your family but you may not be covered at all spiritually.

Do not look down on people whom you think are nobodies today. The world is such that they could be somebody tomorrow and you may dearly need their help for a breakthrough. Remember that the crown of leadership and wealth may not always be on your head so treat people well when you have the chance to lead.

Each day, a lot of people lose their lives. Most of them have no idea that they will lose their lives on that day. It is not a matter of how and when you will die. It is a big deal to know where your soul is going after death.

Your pride has no position for you after death. The degrees and qualifications you amassed will not be valued at all. In fact, the fact that you will not be buried with any of those items should tell you that they are all for earthly glories. Some people are wealthy and blessed with many properties but they are not buried in any of them when they die. The leave all those properties and are buried at where sometimes, they have no idea of.

As a matter of fact, everything you suffered to gain today may become a stranger’s possession tomorrow and not for even your own family members or children. You have no idea how life may end you so do not boast if you think you have everything today.

Be thankful onto God whether you have money or not. Do not boast about what you have because, others may have more than what you boast about. Life is not one way sided. Times may change and what you boast about today could not be worth mentioning tomorrow. Remember that, the account balance you boast about could be what compelled someone to fast and pray fearing bankruptcy. The secondhand car you boast about is what someone’s servant uses for errands.

Give your life to God. A time is coming where everything will cease and religion will take over and that is where your faith in God counts.

Don’t Boast Because You Have Everything In Life Today



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