Thank God For The Tears, Pains And Disappointments In This Year


Thank God For The Tears, Pains And Disappointments In This Year. Once again, i will say, thank God for the tears you shed, the pains you felt and the disappointments you went through.

You may have lose your job and went hungry and suffering for long without any help and the story may still be the same. This might have happened through no fault of yours; may be you told the truth but the truth was not able to defend you so you were rather punished for telling the truth, hence you lose your job. My friend, it is not easy to be in a condition like that but thank God it all happened. You have no idea what would have happened to you if you had stayed in that company for the next few days.

You may have planned to marry your partner. You have virtually done everything and bought almost all the things you both needed just to tie the knot and all of a sudden, your partner says, “Sorry, we cannot continue this relationship”. You can imagine the shock, the tears, the endless pains, the sleepless nights, the fever and the great disappointment. Sometimes, you have no idea the great burden God is taking away from you to be free from that person but we rather complain and even sometimes, speak against God. My friends, thank God it all happened that way though it really hurts.

When everything seemed okay with you and life seems good because everything is falling in its right place, then all of a sudden death raises its ugly head to strike and knockout a beloved in the family. Sometimes, you cannot simply reconcile realities with imaginations when these things happen as a shock. It doesn’t really matter how and when you die; all that matters is the destination of your soul.

Many a time, some things may happen to you and because you do not have the answers to those mysterious things, you may be quick to point accusing fingers at the devil. You may say all kinds of things against the devil, pray against him, bind and loose him but hey, do you have any idea of what is really happening.


When God is at work in your life with an unpalatable method which bring you tears, pains and the worst disappointing situations, you may be quick to accuse the devil when it is actually God at work in your life. Remember, the ways of God are not the same as the ways of man. Sometimes, the only way God could take away that which may kill you is to remove that person or thing from your path. This may cause you to shed bitter tears and feel the pains of disappointment but they are all meant for your own good.

In all your ways, give thanks to God.

You may not understand or have the slightest idea about why some things happen to you but they are all for your good.

My friends, thank God for the tears, pains and disappointments in this year.



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