Value What You Have In Your Hands


Value what you have in your hand. In life, we sometimes tend to focus on other people and the things they have and question what we have in our own hands.

Many of us have lost what we have in our hands by failing to appreciate it and thank God for entrusting us with the things we have. You must never forget that, the difference between success and failure lies in what we have, the perception and attitude at which we see the importance of the things in our hands.

Value what you have in your hands
How Do You Value what you have in your hands?

This morning, I picked this banana to eat and as I sat in my car I got inspired by its physical appearance. I can guarantee many of you may have different perception about my banana and that is perfectly fine. This shows how we all get inspired differently by the same things at different times, but do we value the inspiration we get from the things we have in own hands?

We must value the potential we all carry in our hands to ensure we maximize and use them to add value to our society. What we have in our hands determines who comes or associate with us in life. Most often, the things we have in our hands are the things God uses to change our destiny.

This is the more reason why you don’t have to throw what you have in your hands away because of the perception of others.


God has put within each one of us a talent.  We are to identify and use it to transform our communities to the glory of His name. The point is not about how others see it, but how we see and value what we have in our hands individually.

My question is, do we value and treasure what we have in our own hands? This could be your ability to write, sing, and drum…the list goes on. How do you appreciate that talent? Everything created by God is expected to be used to add value to society.

Therefore, you must use whatever you have in your hand to inspire, motivate, encourage, and transform those around you. I once told a mentee never to dodge an opportunity to have a story as a writer. We must always look for avenue and opportunity to deploy or use the things in our hand to bless people. When we do that, we create room for others to learn, relearn and unlearn new things to develop and transform their lives.

Just as I am inspired by this beautiful banana, I am pretty sure some of you too have different perception about the look and the shape of it. This simply means that, whatever we have in our hands are unique to us individually. That thing can be the tool God has designed to help shape your destiny. Not everyone will appreciate or value the very thing in your hand.

Don’t throw away what you have in your hands just because people are ridiculing you. Use it to change your destiny and that of your generation to come.

How To Value And Maintain What You Have In Your Hand

  1. Accept yourself just the way you are
  2. Fill your time and mind with positivity
  3. Pay attention to the little things
  4. Mind your own business and stay in your lane
  5. Don’t blame others that they don’t treat you right
  6. Distance yourself from negativity.
  7. Keep a journal of everything you’re grateful for.
  8. Know your most valued treasures.
  9. Don’t wait for others to give you opportunities.
  10. Learn to create new opportunity with what you have right now.
  11. Don’t compromise your priorities just because you are afraid that you will lose friends or someone else
  12. Measure your progress, no matter how small.

I love my banana. What about you? Get inspired. Be the change you want to see.

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