Lessons From The Disappointments of A Special Voter

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Yesterday, one of my friends who is a high profiled person in the country told me of his pride to cast his vote first as a special voter ahead of the December 7 general elections in Ghana.

Mr. Mann, as I affectionately called him, teasingly told me that despite all that I have done in life and for mother Ghana, I am still not yet recognized to be given that privilege to cast my vote first. He teasingly told me that I have to wake up early, go and join the long queue on December 7 under the hot and unfriendly African sun.

Five hours later, I called my friend to ask him how his special voting exercise went and his response was a cold one that immediately registered trouble on my mind. He narrated to me how he arrived at the polling station and went through all the process but to his uttermost dismay, the officers could not find his name in the register. He asked the officers to crosscheck for his name but the results remained futile.

According to him, he drove to another polling station where his name was likely to be in the register but the story remained the same. One of the things that amazed him so much was his popularity and how they could easily omit his name.

Out of disappointments, anger and frustrations, my friend began to blame the electoral commission for the confusion and frustrations meted out to innocent people. I remained quiet and listened to him for a while, cleared my throat and calmly said: “Sir, I know how you feel but you should thank God it wasn’t the Book of Life in Heaven that your name was omitted. You are lucky it was a Voters’ Registers that your name was omitted but not the Book of Life. Corrections can be made for your name to be in the Voters’ Registers but once you miss it in the Book of Life, no corrections can be made. The only time to ensure that your name is in the Book of Life is now.


My friend listened attentively and said: “As for you, you will always spiritualize everything but I get your points though”.

The Bible said in Revelation 20:15 that “Anyone whose name was not found written in the Book of Life was thrown into the lake of fire”.

In life, no matter how popular you are, regardless of your position and how worthy you are, we will all appear before the judgment throne of God one day. In Ghana, people decide not to vote and go unpunished unlike other countries where one could be brought to book but no can dodge the great day of the Lord for we must all appear before the judgment throne.

My friend, Mr. Mann, could not comprehend why the Electoral Commission of Ghana could utterly omit the names of high profiled personalities like his type. My friends, it doesn’t matter your position, your personality, popularity, how much money you have and the number of people who know you, if your name is not found in the Book of Life, you will be cast out into a terrible place full of gnashing of teeth.

Despite the popularity of my friend, he was not allowed to vote. Though this was a mistake on the part of the Electoral Commission, this could also happen on judgment day to anyone who is not saved.

The Big Question is: Are you ready for the second coming of Jesus Christ? It doesn’t matter who you are, whether popular or not popular, poorer or richer, educated or not educated, whether a Christian, Muslim, Buddhist, Atheist, Occultist, or whatsoever, Jesus Christ will surely come judge both the dead and living.

Repent now!

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