Do You Know What You Are Asking For?


Do You Know What You Are Asking For? One of the phenomenal stories in the Bible is an encounter between the mother of James and John who came to Jesus one day to ask Him that when He makes it to His Father, He should get her sons to be seated at Jesus’ left and right hand sides. Then Jesus told her, “Ye know not what ye ask”…in contemporary English, “You don’t know what you’re asking.”

Now it may sound as though Jesus was being funny by telling the woman that. Of course the woman knew exactly what she asked for; but what Jesus sought to say was, she didn’t know the import of what she was asking for. But the next question Jesus asked is what gets the lesson better understood. He asked, “Can you drink of the cup that I am going to drink?” Well, as lame as they thought the question was, they answered yes.

Many times, we ask for certain things we do not know. We ask, but we really do not know the import of our requests. For example, you’re an entrepreneur and you’ve always prayed to God for increased sales. That is a good prayer anyone can pray. But the point is, do you know when God brings increased sales your way, you may have to go sleepless nights just to meet the orders? Did you know you may have to let go of your social life temporarily just to meet the demands of a growing business?

I often hear some people say they wished they were like me…doing a few things here and there; but I really wish they wouldn’t be like me. Because as Jesus asked, “Can you drink of the cup I am drinking?” Can you work full-time in a lecturing position while juggling another full-time job in a company, while writing a tall list of book titles staring you in the face and seeing to the sale of your books elsewhere and monitoring sales people every now and then with the mind to start other businesses? Of course, you can do it as I am, but can you really do it?

Are you willing to make the necessary sacrifices? Have you counted the cost before making the decision to make the request? Many times we don’t count the cost…I didn’t too when I wanted to venture into business. I thought it would be smoother until the challenges started coming; and I realized I had to harden myself than I was.


You can do it, but not many are willing to pay the full price on a daily basis. Before you make that request, be sure to know what it is you’re asking. Count the cost; assess the extent of sacrifice. If you can, go ahead. If you can’t, it doesn’t mean you should stop there…develop yourself some more and you can do it.

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