The Smart Newly Wedded Couple


The Smart Newly Wedded Couple

At an expensive wedding reception, the MC asked Jake some questions about how he met his wife, Selina.

MC:     How did you meet this pretty lady and propose love to her?

Jake:    She stole my expensive gold watch at the airport and I caught her.

MC:     Really? And what happened next?


Jake:    I threatened to report her to the police and she pleaded for forgiveness and will do anything I ask her to do.

MC:     Wow! This is interesting. So what did you do?

Jake:    I gave her two options: Marry Me or I will embarrass you and report you to the police.

MC:     This is unbelievably interesting. So has she stopped stealing now?

Jake:    (Laughs) Not yet. She told me she’s got your iPhone hidden in her wedding dress.

MC:     Whaaat?

Jake:    (Hands over his iPhone to him). Here you are

MC:     Jake, how will you handle this challenge in marriage?

Jake:    Simple. I established an electronic shop named “Buy Me Back Electronics” for her to sell all those things.

MC:   Whaaat? Any comments about these, Selina?

Selina:    No, just trying to spot who else could have any expensive item here.
(Crowd walks away)

Mum:    Daughter, you’ve embarrassed us. I will never forgive you for this.

Dad:     We never brought you up this way.

Selina: Mum and Dad, please calm down. It’s all a lie just to drive away the guests since we did not order for food but pretended we did because we run out of money. All those buffet utensils there are empty.




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