3 Jokes About A Troublesome Kid And His Teacher


Have you ever come across a stubborn child who makes life a living hell for all those around him or her? Well, read and share this joke about a stubborn child and his teacher.

  1. In The Health Science Class

Teacher: What is a condom?

Kid: A balloon that adults and couples use to kill innocent babies and they are happy at the end.

Teacher: Whaaat?

(Class bursts into uncontrollable laughter)

  1. Homework Troubles

Teacher: Why didn’t you do your homework?

Kid: My mother tore my homework book.

Teacher: Why will your mother do such a thing?

Kid: She tore the pages and gave them to daddy to write undertaking not to spend my school fees on small girls again.

Teacher: Hmmmm. Now sit down and do the test on the board.

Kid: Sir, can you lend me your pen?

Teacher: So you mean you came to school without a pen to write?

Kid: Not that, Sir. My father was still writing his undertaking with my pen when I left the house.

  1. Troublesome Child Goes To School Late

Teacher: Why are you coming to school late?

Kid: My parents were fighting.

Teacher: How does that prevent you from coming to school early?

Kid: My mother picked my shoes and threw them at dad. Dad also used my uniform to beat mum.

Teacher: Oh that’s bad. But why do your parents always use your school bag, shoes and uniform to fight.

Kid:  I overhead dad accusing mum for refusing to abort me.

Teacher: No wonder.

Have you had a good laughter after reading the 3 Jokes About A Troublesome Kid And His Teacher? Comment to tell us your views and share with friends and loved ones 



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