10 Ways to Have a Stress Free Monday Work Life


Mondays seem to be the busiest of all the work days in a week. Mondays begin the work days and almost all business activities start on this day with lots of expectation. It is generally believed that one has to start Monday well to serve as a motivation for the rest of the days. And this can lead to a stressful day due to too much expectations levied on the day.

10 Ways to Have a Stress Free Monday Work Life

  1. Don’t expect too much and do not push too much workload to Monday

More often than not, leftover activities are carried to the next week starting from Monday. You are likely to stress yourself knowing very well that you have lots of stuffs to do from the previous week and at the same time, expected to work on your work schedule for the day. Too many expectations may bring disappointments and failures.

  1. If possible, resolve disturbing issues on Friday before leaving

One of the ways of ruining your Monday and crushing your spirit for the day is to wake up with hurting memories from the previous week knowing very well that you are going to meet that person that hurt you and never said sorry. Learn to bury your differences because God did not create us to live in isolation but in a community.

  1. Prepare for your Monday a night before

A lot of the stresses we go through in life are due to lack of preparation and readiness for any activity. If you know you have a presentation in the early morning, then you have to work on your documents, prepare your slides, get your facts and figures accurate and gather all supporting documents. You are likely to forget some files and other important items if you leave the house in a rush; putting unnecessary pressure on yourself which will finally lead to stress.

  1. Have a weekly Plan and Work schedule

Nothing saves time, prevents stress and losses than having a good plan and work schedule to regulate your activities to achieve desired results. Learn to work with a plan and schedules. Read: Importance of Planning & Scheduling

  1. Early to bed, early to rise.

You do not have to start a new week feeling stressed, fatigued and sleepy while on duty. This has serious health consequences as well as your job performance. Go to bed early, have enough sleep and wake up feeling refreshed and energized for a new day.

  1. Set off early to avoid traffic congestion in town

Mostly, traffic congestion in towns get worse on Mondays as business activities resume for the week and all those who went on holidays or for the weekend begin to troop into the cities. If you live in a town where traffic congestion is a problem, then it will be advisable to always set off early to avoid the stress of getting stuck in traffic, waiting impatiently and reporting late at work.

  1. Cook Enough for Monday and the week

If you are the type that likes to eat your own food and not buy it, then have a plan for when to cook and carry your lunch box along with you without going to work late. If possible cook enough food on Sundays. You may also decide to cook for the whole week and store in the fridge. This saves you time and the stress of rushing home on Mondays to cook for the family.

  1. Plan to achieve your targets but don’t stress yourself for it

When you work according to plans and work schedules, working under pressure and stressful conditions will be avoided. Do your possible best to achieve your targets but do not stress yourself for it.

  1. Return to a clean home

There are some people that cannot stand a mess and have a sound sleep and a free mind so long as the house is not well organized; not tidy, the washed laundry is not well parked, the kitchen and sink are full of dirty plates and the bed not well laid. These are other ways of giving you enough stress after the hard day’s activities instead of finding comfort and rest at home. Make sure you do all the house chores during the weekend before starting another week on Monday.

  1. Handle the unexpected and stressful condition

Life is full of so many uncertainties. You are likely to come across breathtaking events, bad news and other issues in the workplace that may blow your mind. You must plan ahead and have strategies of handling possible uncertainties and bad news. Advance plans may help to will reduce the stress at work. It calls for making provisions in life to remedy any failure and unfortunate situations.

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