POEM: Tomorrow Today – Gamel Sankarl


Phew! It is a bright new day today
Never let past failures get in your way
Nor allow your worries make you sway

Trust God to make all your troubles decay
He can take all your shortcomings away

Don’t waste today hurting about yesterday
While the sun still shines try to make hay

Project into tomorrow and plan without play
Build your future as a potter would with clay
And as you do so, pray and act without delay

Inevitable is the urge to put it all at bay
But your tools, you should never ever lay


Life is tough but on course you must stay
Someday, your persistence will surely pay
And you shall at last have your Goliath to slay

At the end of the tunnel is a bright ray
Permit no criticism to make you say nay
There will be times you can’t help but stray

Bounce back and stick to your plan each day
And you will come into your tomorrow all gay
Plan and pursue your tomorrow today!

Writer: Gamel Sankarl



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