13 Reasons To Quit Fake Love & Pretending Relationships

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Dear Singles & Married,

I welcome you all to the month of February, the month of Love. One of the most disturbing things about matters of the heart is fake love and pretending in relationships.

When it comes to matters of the heart, it is not something that one should toy with and take it lightly. While many people’s life have been transformed for the better because of relationships and marriage, a lot more are badly wounded and living with bleeding hearts and deadly emotional scars.

If you do not love someone anymore, let them go. For it is better to break a relationship than marriage. Do not deceive that person knowing very well that you are not genuinely in love and you can’t marry that person and live with him or her.

Living in pretence in relationships has the following disadvantages. I would want to share the 13 reasons to quit any fake love and pretending relationships you find yourself with you.

  1. It makes you a hypocrite
  2. You’re never of yourself
  3. You don’t have hope for the future
  4. You live in lies, fake love relationship and falsehood, playing hide and seek games
  5. Your conscience is always arresting and condemning you
  6. You don’t find true happiness in love
  7. Your heart is always yearning & searching to be attached to the right person
  8. You easily cheat on your unloved partner
  9. You are never pleased with anything the person does.
  10. You don’t care about that person
  11. You are just wasting each other’s time
  12. The worst form of depression is to force yourself to live with someone you don’t love and cannot trust.
  13. You may find it very difficult to plan for the future since you do not see yourself in his or her future.

If you find yourself in a pretending or faking relationship where you know you can never marry your partner, sit down and talk about it and let the person go in peace.

If you are already married and find yourself in similar situations, pray for God’s grace and seek professional counseling where possible.

I wish you well in your relationships and marriages. True love really exist (1 Cor.13)

Kindly share these 13 reasons to quit fake love and pretending relationships with friends and loved ones and share your views by commenting in the box provided.



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