21 Tips & Ideas On Becoming A Christian Blogger & Make Money


For the past one decade, I have been blogging, writing lots of articles, authoring books and also doing ministry as a full-time pastor. The journey has not been easy combining all these things but vision and passion keep me going in life. After gathering experience for over a decade, I want to share these 21 tips and ideas on becoming a Christian blogger with you.

1. Know the vision and the purpose:

The vision and the conviction you had before starting a Christian blog should be your biggest motivating factor. Keep the vision and the purpose in mind. When you feel like trying other gray areas, ensure that you will not deviate from the main agenda.

2. Know your niche area:

Christianity involves a lot of disciplines. What kind of Christian blogger are you? What are you going to write about? Sometimes, concentrating on a particular niche area will assist to grow your blog faster since your blog will be noted for that.


3. Seek relevant knowledge

Having the vision and the passion to start a Christian blog is great but the right knowledge and wisdom will take you far. You need to acquire knowledge and know how people out there are doing it better and making it big time. It is not just about becoming a Christian blogger but becoming one of the best Christian bloggers with useful information to serve the body of Christ. In seeking knowledge, you have to ask your questions like:

  • How do I start a Christian blog?
  • How do I build reputation and integrity as a Christian blogger?
  • How different is a Christian blog from the secular ones?
  • What are the rules or some dos and don’ts of blogging?
  • Are there some useful tools that can assist me?
  • What are the best tips and ideas to start a Christian blog?
  • 4. Have a plan for your writing or blog:

Do not just start off with just mere passion without direction for the days ahead. Plan your schedules. Will you publish everyday or three times a week on regular intervals. This will assist your readers to keep visiting for fresh posts.

5. Be driven first by passion before money

If your biggest passion is making some quick money through blogging then you are starting off on the wrong note. Christian bloggers need to understand it takes time to pay off unlike secular bloggers who can write anything unwholesome and publish semi nude images to attract views.

6. Stand for the truth and avoid false stories:

If it is not true, factual, informing or your personal thought on an issue, then don’t post it. You are standing for the Truth and not to confuse the people seeking the truth. Christian bloggers are light to the world.

7. Trust God to lead you

There are days that you get discouraged, tired and frustrated but trust God to lead you. It takes revelation to keep going in your chosen field as a Christian blogger. Sometimes, it is not a matter of what you want to write but what the Holy Spirit leads you to write.

8. Know that Rome was not built in a day:

Learn to take it easy on yourself; one day a time. Do not over stress yourself overworking and doing everything possible to reach the limelight within your first one month. Remember, Rome was not built in a day. Have the patience and the faith to see your work grow. You will breakdown if you put too much pressure on yourself.

9. Hard work pays.

Being a blogger on fulltime or part time is not really the deal but the ability to stay focused and work very hard is what pays. There is nothing like shortcut in blogging. How relevant you are is based on the relevance of the information you put out there for people to read. It is also a matter of putting out there what people are searching for to read. Read about SEO keyword search.

10. Variety and diversity are key factors:

Writing on a variety of topics is not only helpful but a must for successful Christian bloggers. Be ready to try so many things. As time goes on, you can start writing ebooks and other related services that can fetch you some money.

11. Invest into your blog

As a Christian blogger, you need to invest into your blog. What kind of investment is that? You need to invest time, knowledge and your money to ensure that it survives because the destiny and lives of some people may depend on it without your knowledge.

12. Consult spiritual fathers, experts and some mentors when necessary

Writing on a dicey issue needs a bit of knowledge, facts, relevance and above all, adding to knowledge. If the purpose of the controversial topic or writeup is not meant to add to knowledge, educate, inform and transform lives then you have already missed the mark of Christian blogging. Christianity is based on revelation and where you are stuck and cannot find any useful resources on the internet and in books about a particular topic, consult your spiritual fathers, pastors, experts and mentors. Even quoting them in your writeup gives your work more authenticity and authority.

13. Feature experts in a particular field

Your blog is one of the biggest platforms some men of God can also use to reach wider people to impact lives. Learn to feature some influential and important men of God. Sometimes, the person may not be popular but has got the message. Create an account for such people and publish the articles in their names to motivate them.

14. Work in a team:

You may not have knowledge in all aspect of blogging and everything that concerns it. You need to develop a team of people around you who can assist you to do other things. Sometimes, you may have the knowledge but asking another person to work on something brings variety, style and gives you the opportunity to get yourself together again.

  • 15. Be trending and current in some of your articles

As a Christian blogger, it is not always about writing what you think you are being led. Sometimes, you have to write on current issues and some events. Successful Christian bloggers have learnt the hard way to experiment different topics and sometimes, some of the articles that will do the trick and pull the greater traffic for you may not even be what you are so much sure and put in more efforts.

16. Don’t write simply because you have to write something:

Being a Christian blogger is not just a matter of writing anything and publishing chaff on your site. Remember that you are first of all a Christian (blogger) with the intention of glorying the LORD and making Him known to transform lives through writing.

17. The LORD will reward you:

God is a rewarder of them that diligently seek Him and also pays those who partner Him to advance His kingdom business. Sometimes, while you are getting yourself busy for Google Adsense to get some money, God may connect you to some people because of one relevant article and that alone will open greater doors for you.

18. Beware of hackers and attacks:

During my 10 years of publishing online as a Christian blogger, I started off thinking that all will be well but my blog was attacked and hacked 7 times within the first 3 years when my blog had become popular and pulling much traffic. Instead of benefiting from my sweat, I rather lost my blog and had to switch to this current one.

19. Don’t write to please people:

Write to please the LORD, inform and transform lives. You do not have anyone to please as a Christian blogger; your agenda is drawing people closer to experience the Lordship of Christ.

20. Do regular updates:

It takes a lot of effort to stay relevant online. If you write and publish something based on current statistics, know that that information will soon become stale in the next few months or at least a year. To keep your article still relevant, you may need to keep updating and adding new knowledge.

21. Be careful what others post on your blog:

If you give administrative write to some people to directly post articles then you need to be careful. Anything at all published on your blog will either build or destroy your reputation. If you are not sure about any other user, you can give the final right approve or reject posts before they are published.

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