27 Ideas and Ways to Make Life Better in 2025 and 2024


You are about to read an interesting 27 ideas and ways to make life better in 2025 and 2024. From experience, while the year is about to end, there are so many ideas that run through your mind all begging for acceptance and space in your new year plans. While some people get stuck and short of ideas, not knowing what to do, a lot more people also pick so many ideas to try in the new year and eventually become frustrated from the many things they want to do. These 27 ideas and ways to make life better in 2025 and 2024 are not just mere ideas to brush over but demand careful thought and prayers and you are good to go with awesome ideas.

27 Ideas And Ways To Make Life Better in 2025 and 2024

1. Plan it and follow it: Life is a plan and if there is no plan, then there is no life. A purposeful life is the one that is lived by plan. There are 12 months in the year but the question is, how many useful months are in our lives. A well-planned life with timeline and deadlines is easy to be pursued. If there is no plan, there is no way to follow in life. Remember, you do not have to wait for the new year to begin before you start putting down your plans on paper. It is a way of starting off on the wings of failure and hoping to be lucky and successful in the year.

2. Begin the year with God: Man is very fragile, weak and never knowing what lies ahead of him in the next moment. God is omniscience; the all-knowing God. One of the best things to do for a better life out of the 27 ideas and ways to make life better in 2025 and 2024 is to learn to begin with Jesus. We start the year with the LORD with the hope and assurance that the all-knowing God will see us through to a successful end by the end of the year.

3. The Roll of Gratitude: Are there some people in your life that deserve a simple “Thank you” and “I’m grateful for your help”? Never take the kindness, the sacrifices, the efforts made and the little things done for you for granted. Make a list of all the people you need to appreciate for the honour done you. Either by the end of the year or during the beginning of a new year, pick your phone and call or visit these people if possible. To some, a good WhatsApp message, an email or a text message will be enough to appreciate them. Do not spoil the good heart of some people because of ingratitude. Do not cut of the helping hand that extends to others too because of ingratitude. Ingratitude is like a cancerous cell; once it starts developing, it will spread to the other parts of the body if not treated early. Ingratitude can cause others too to also suffer because of the ingratitude of just one person. Remember, an unthankful person is an ungrateful person.


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4. Turn your passion into passive income: What is it that you are so much passionate about in life but not within your current career? Is it music, football, dance, writing, teaching, cooking, a unique or professional Mc, rendering services, laundering work and many more. One of the best27 Ideas And Ways To Make Life Better in 2025 and 2024 is learning to turn your passion into passive income. Perhaps, you have offered a lot of good and excellent services for free for long. That is good to assist you be noticed but it could be time to commercialize their skills and passions for some passive income. For instance, if you are very good at playing the keyboard or the guitar, you can decide to offer weekends classes to teach people who are interested in learning it and soon, it may turn into a big weekend school for you.

5. Read at least 3 good books: Reading good books whether religious, motivational or self-help books is one of the biggest ways to invest to increase your knowledge. To get the best in life out of reading, it must not be done as a hobby or past time. Deliberate efforts must be made to read as planned or scheduled and this will enhance your chances of being informed, transformed, reformed and well equipped for a better life. To have the best from books, I will personally advice that you pick good collection of books in line with your vision for the year. This way, you are likely to acquire more knowledge, enhance your efficiency, get better ideas to leverage results and be more creative. A lot of knowledge, ideas and golden opportunities are hidden in books and it takes a good reader to catch revelation and ideas from books.

6.Start saving and investing into the future: Savings must not be done anyhow. It has to be deliberate and with much discipline. According to experts, it is not how big you save that matters but the discipline and the consistency to save is what matters. It doesn’t matter how small the amount is; it is the consistency that matters to arrive at a desired result. Until you take your savings and investment very serious, some dreams, ideas and projects may remain on paper and not be materialized.

7. Start your project: Do you have a big project that you have on paper or in mind to achieve? Learn to divide the project into stages or phases. Sometimes, all it takes is to start it and be consistent with efforts made to see to its completion and you will be amazed about the progress made. Remember that a thousand miles begins with just a step so be bold to take the first step. Never be afraid to start something bigger; it takes a daring heart to attempt something bigger. However, be sure to work within plan so that you will not start something that you cannot finish working on.

8. Cut down your time spent on social media: Social media platforms, YouTube channels and the internet are full of so many alluring and juicy contents that can keep you glued to the screens for hours nonstop. It is important to note that watching videos online imply that keeping your life on hold to watch someone’s work to enrich the person. Nevertheless, set time aside for social media and be sure not to interfere your productive hours with browsing and scanning through social media pages. If you cut down your time spent on social media, you are likely to be more effective at work, manage your time effectively and perhaps, channel the rest of your time into something more profitable.

9.Take up short online courses: There are millions of short courses available online for one to take up. Fortunately, most of them are available for free and those that are for a fee are moderate. Make yourself proud and take up relevant courses online to enhance your knowledge, workable skills and improve your efficiency at work. The beautiful thing about online courses is that you have the opportunity to study at home and you can choose the options available per the time of lectures that will suit you.

10. Frequent time and journey with God: Each year is a whole package; fully loaded and full of blessings but you cannot just have access because you are simply alive. As a child of God, there is the need for you wait on God fasting and praying. Some things in life are not done by physical strengths. You cannot rely on your own knowledge and abilities for spiritual works. You need greater grace, strength and power from God to do the impossible.

11. Start writing your books: In life, you do not have to be an author before you start writing, rather, you become an author by writing. What then do you start writing? Let me give a clue. Are you an authority in a particular field or niche? Are you highly talented and very skilful at doing something? Do you have some unique testimony and some wonderful experiences worth sharing with people? How about telling your own story become a good story writer? Each year, God blesses a lot of people with wonderful ideas that could be translated into bestselling authors but they are are buried in excuses, laziness, fear and lack of motivation to give it a try. No one can tell your story better than you do! No one can write your biography or autobiography better than yourself because you know yourself better than people do. No one can burrow into your heart and know the hidden myths, truths and ideas trapped in you if you do not say it and write it yourself.

12. Enhance your IT and social media skills: Each year, lots of technological advancements are introduced. Constant inventions and innovations each year can make you easily slug behind in life. The rate at which society is moving is such that if you do not always update yourself and enhance your knowledge, and seek the right way of doing things, you can easily lose your job. If you think you have a lot of things to catch up in life and enhance your IT knowledge, you can take up some short IT courses to enhance your proficiency and effectiveness at work. Sometimes, you can have access to lots of materials to read online to enhance your knowledge. Through the power of technology, you can have access to DIY online videos, download some ebooks and other online resources to enhance your knowledge.

13. Build new social networks and relationships: Life is such that if you do not have and continually build or develop your social network of friends, getting some opportunities may be difficult. The sad reality is that, not all juicy opportunities are advertised and if they do, you are likely not to see and hear about it. If you are lucky to hear about the opportunity too, be assured that you are going to compete with experts for the same opportunity. Never look down on the power of social networking and developing important relationships. Sometimes, you can secure a huge soft Ioan from one of the people within your circle and skip and pressure banks will give you. When getting stuck in life and when you seem to be running out of ideas, just a phone call or a planned visit to one of the important persons within your circle of friends can save you from shame, loss of business and the high consultancy fees you may have to pay. Learn to expand your social network and develop important relationships.

14. Update your online Cvs and profiles: If you have your Cv online, learn and make conscious efforts to update it with relevant information, upgrades, new skills acquired and other employable skills and information to give you a competitive edge in the job market. For most people, your social media profiles can also speak in huge volumes for you. Desist from writing profiles which gives you false identities and can go a long way to affect your opportunities. Let your profiles make you a prospect for opportunities but not a suspect.

15. Start a blog: Starting a blog is a good idea for those who write a lot but a bad idea for those who find writing to be a difficult thing. Putting your thoughts on social media is good but blogs make you an authority and you can use that as a part time job for some passive income. If you are not taking it up as a serious thing, then forget about money. It takes time for your blog to develop, get noticed and have authority with quality contents to start making some money to cater for data and maintenance fees. If blogging is not for you then don’t start it; else you will be frustrated and call it a quick. Returns from blogs do not come on a silver platter. I will advise that you read more about ideas for starting a new blog before venturing into it.

16. Start an NGO: Over the years, I have seen a few people organizing some materials and personal effects to be donated in orphanage homes, prisons, and assist school children in less endowed communities. Their passion and consistency for a period of time has yielded results. However, it would have been better if such desires are channeled into a registered NGO. As a registered NGO, you are seen as credible, and could attract support and sponsorship from foreign partners and individuals willing to help. Without these, you could not be trusted but seen as a scam just deceiving people to amass wealth in the name of helping vulnerable and the less privileged in the society.

17. Start an online business or service: Is there anything you are really good at or so passionate about? Are you doing business and need to leverage your skills, profit margins and some opportunities? You can give starting an online business a try. It is just a matter of knowing what you have and your target audience. In order to take off very well, I would want you to take time and educate yourself very well on what to do, things to take note and the very things to avoid to prevent costly mistakes.

18. Live your life on budget: Your life can be ten times better in 2024 and 2025 if you decide to live your life according to plan and budget. Living by your budget and plans helps you to direct your resources to where they are most needed. Impulse buying and other spending habits that drain our pockets are put in check. Living your life by plan and budget helps you to manage your income and save enough for the days and years ahead for a particular project or vision.

19. Cut down expenditure and impulse buying: Life never gets better when it crowded in huge expenses and worsened by impulse buying. In 2024 and 2025, learn to cut down your expenditure and if possible, be disciplined to quit impulse buying. To cut down your expenses, you can have a second look at managing utilities in the house and in the office to reduce bills. Making plans ahead and budgeting for it helps you to buy things you need and avoid buying things you do not need immediately to save money.

20.Make couples goals if married: Each year, learn to review the year and your marital goals with your partner. You are living together as husband and wife and if the going isn’t getting better but difficult, boring and not wanting to be in each other’s company then you will need to go back to the drawing table and get things right. Make couples goals for the year 2024 and 2025 ahead of time starting with plans to enhance your spiritual life.

21.Take your health very serious and mean it: It is often said that your health is your wealth. If there is anything you are eyeing to invest in the year 2024 and 2025, then learn to invest in your health. Take a very good care of yourself and your body and your body too will take care of you in the new future. Failure to do this leads to unnecessary health challenges and huge bills running into indebtedness.

22.Quit bad habits: The bad habits you are entertaining and refusing to quit can push you to quit your dreams if you do not make conscious efforts to get rid of them. Admit it. Bad habits are bad! They are not taking you anywhere but indirectly dragging you back in life.

23.Totally desire to avoid sin: Out of the 27 ideas and ways to make life better in 2025 and 2024, you must pursue the desire to totally avoid sin. Sin is like a sharp object that punches holes into your life and the parachute taking you to your destiny. Fear the habit of sinning and continuing to live in sin. Sin is destructive and its punishments cannot be avoided unless repentance. Don’t destroy your life by wallowing in abominable acts in the eyes of the LORD.

24.Plan your leave and holidays and make them useful: One of the things that can make your life super better out of the 27 ideas and ways to make your life better in 2025 and 2024 is making good use of your leaves, holidays and weekends. If you have no plan for it then you will not have the maximum use for it. Plan it ahead of time. Planning your leave, weekends and holidays help you to exactly what to do, book hotels ahead and make necessary arrangements. You can give it a try relaxing and writing your dream book. Plan it first and have it materialized.

25. Learn how to increase your chances of getting a better job: This is not optional but a deliberate effort and attempt. Improve your social media presence, enhance your professional knowledge and strategically position yourself in life. If you learn how to strategically position yourself to increase your chances in life, you will have no chance at all.

26. Explore audio books, sermons and Bibles: Regardless of your plans for the year 2024 and 2025, you need the hand of God in your life. You need the grace and the favour of God. You need to enhance your life with sound biblical teachings that will align your life with the will of God. One of the things you can do is to explore audio books, sermons and online Biblical resources. Do not drive for close to an hour without listening to a good sermon or listening to some audio books.

27. Review your friends: Anyone that is not helping you in life and that person too is not learning from you then, that person should not be in your life.

Apart from these 27 ideas and ways to make life better in 2025 and 2024, there are a lot more to do. Keep visiting this amazing blog for the best ways, ideas and divine inspirations to nourish your life.



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