Picture of the Week: How Do You Feel When You Tell A Lie?


Picture of the Week: How do you feel when you tell a lie? 

Have you ever told any lie before?

How was the feeling like when you lied without knowing that everyone was already aware of the truth?

Have you ever lied in your life and regretted so much and wished you had never told that wicked lies at all?

Have you ever lied to defend yourself when you told the truth and the truth was rather taken for a lie so you had to tell more lies to defend the truth?


And how will you feel when someone also tells you a lie without knowing that you are well abreast of the full details of the story? What will you do to such a fellow who had told you a beautiful lie without knowing that you are fully aware of the story?

The simplest thing to do is to remain truthful to people in all conditions no matter the circumstance. Giving a false account is deadly and could cause and cost us than we ever think.

Stop telling lies! Many lives are destroyed because of false information.

Many businesses have collapsed because of lies. People’s marriages have ended on the rocks because of false information. And many people have been seriously wounded and hurt to the level that they can no longer trust others.

How do you feel when you tell lies? If you feel okay and think everything is normal then sorry; you are almost missing the mark. This is the opportunity for you to do the right and secure a better place for your soul. I cannot stand the pains of guilty conscience, crushed spirit and a wounded and broken heart.

Decide today to stop telling lies and you won’t regret you did and took the best of all decisions.

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