Caption This Birthday Cake


Your sweetheart or boyfriend wanted to surprise you on your birthday with a birthday cake only for you to receive this. What will be your reaction?

And as a matter of fact, how will you feel as a husband or a boyfriend if another man sends this birthday cake to your wife? Will you ever suspect a foul play if this cake is presented to your wife or woman by a man?

Will you ever believe or suspect her to be cheating on you? How about if the brazier on the cake is exactly the same type that she has been wearing most often? Tell us your views and perhaps, what you will probably do if your partner receives such a ridiculous birthday cake.

And how about if this gift is coming from yourself as the husband or the boyfriend? Ladies, will you consider this as romantic or something out of place?

And to the pastors, how will you feel if someone presents this birthday cake to your unmarried daughter on her birthday?


Guys, over to you to answer.

Anyway, caption this picture of the week.



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