3 Lessons To Learn From The Cable Connections


During one of my usual night duties at work, I escorted a patient to the X-Ray department for an X-Ray and on my way back, i noticed the ceiling was partially covered. So I looked up and saw these cables uncovered then I thought of something interesting and inspiring. Wow! This is an interesting and inspiring revelation so i took a photograph of it to illustrate a point one day. Today is the day for that illustration to share with you.

These cables have thought me three lessons in life: 1. Team work 2. Networking and 3. Communication

3 Quick Lessons To Learn From the Cable Connection

  1. Teamwork
    See how the various cables are all connected together. They are serving as a team of cables sending relevant information from one point to the other.
  2. Networking
    Similar to teamwork, the connecting cables serve as a medium of exchange. They help in building exchanging genuine and authentic relationships between cables to achieve a common goal or vision. To be successful in life, you need to work in a team and carefully network yourself.
  3. Communication
    Without effective communication, networking and a team work will not be possible to achieve in any organization. Therefore, regardless of their (cables) differences in color, lengths and shapes, it is visible to see that, there is an effective communication between the cables.

This is the reason why effective communication is needed if we want our network to achieve positive results as a team. To achieve this, each team member must be ready to learn, sacrifice and connect with all members with an open mind.

When these things happen, they enhance creativity, improve and promote satisfaction, provide and promote strength and tenacity and increase productivity among the team. Good communication leads to stronger networking which then provides a productive teamwork. Lessons can be learnt by observing one’s surrounding.


Look around you and learn something just like lessons learnt from the cable connections.

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Ferdinard Lawson graduated from Sussex University and holds a BSc Degree in Public Health and Social Care. He is the Founder & C.E.O of Ferdinard Lawson Empowerment & Inspirational Agency C.I.C (FLEiA.CIC) in UK, Public Health Professional, Author, Lifestyle Coach, Transformational & Public Speaker and Publication Consultant. He is a Multiple Awards Winning Author, Public Speaker and a Lifestyle Coach. He has published many inspirational, motivational books, and leadership books and full member of the Royal society for Public Health. England. He is currently the Co-Chairman of Mega (Kingston Hospital Trust)


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