When The Devil Smiles At You


Over the weekend, our team member chanced on this interesting picture which was a prank played on a little boy. Well, we have decided to caption it: When the devil smiles at you. 

Though the person behind the boy in the picture seems to be enjoying the fears and worries of this boy for whatsoever reason best known to him or her, there are a few lessons to be learned here.

6 Lessons From the Picture

  1. Beware of Those Who Mastermind Your Fears And Downfalls in Life

At times, some people may deliberately bring you what you fear in life. Be careful of those who push you into the very things that you hate and fear in life. The more you associate yourself with such caliber of people, the more depressed you will be and you can be assured of more troubles in life. Evaluate your friends today and do away with some of them where possible!

2. Your Fall or Fears in Life Is Someone’s Entertainment


As you suffer and cry, they get entertained for that. There are some people that may take delight in your tears, worries, panic and the worst thing ever. These sadistic things may entertain them for whatsoever. Be careful with people. You could clearly see that the person who did this to this boy did it for the fun of it.

3. The More You Stare, The More You Fear

The more you stare at what causes you to fear and worry in life, the more your situation gets worse. In bad or difficult times, focus on getting solutions than staring, thinking and talking about the severity of the problem. This will only weaken your faith and discourage you at the end. Focus on Jesus Christ, who is the author and finisher of your faith; He is the one who promises to deliver you from all troubles.

  1. The Enemy Is Within

It will interest you to know that the very people who masterminded this whole thing to scare the boy are the very people who are closer to him than anyone else. Sometimes, your enemies are the very people who claim to be your friends and loved ones. When the devil smiles at you, it may be from within.

  1. Don’t Just Sit Down Crying

Your actions and reactions are very important in whatever circumstance you go through. In bad times, you can either decide to sit down and cry or stand up and make efforts for results. In the picture above, the boy can be spotted crying when the “devil smiled at him”. Do you just sit down and cry when the devil smiles at you? Take an action that brings results.

  1. Don’t Always Wait For People

The boy was sitting down, crying and waiting for someone to clear away the devil smiling at him. You must not always wait for people to do things for you. Be responsible. Waiting for people to do simple things for you will only aggravate your situation.

Has any devil smiled at you? What did you do to overcome it? Tell us your experience in this article: when the devil smiles at you.



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