Your Habits Will Create Your Habitats: Gamel Sankarl


The way you live your life today will determine where you will live in life tomorrow. The habits you have inculcated in your inner being or cultivated to a larger extent have an influence on your life and the habitat you will inhabit.

The things we regularly and consistently do becomes a part of our being. They become the defining features of our personalities. And your personality gives you a placement in life. The very person you are in thoughts and in acts determine where you will get to in life.

As humans, we need to acknowledge that it is our level of reasoning and what we do habitually that has positioned us where we are. Animals probably live where they are because they don’t have the same level of reasoning as we do. We evolved when we got involved in a higher level of reasoning. And we will grow when we expand in that regard.

You will only become a good author/actor by writing or acting habitually. You will become legal luminary or a barrister by reading regularly to know the law inside-out. You will be a great cook by cooking consistently. You become a great doctor by studying and practicing medicine continuously. You will be a knowledgeable speaker or preacher by reading wide. Habits are crucial when it comes to who, what or where you want to be in life.

What you do habitually will eventually design the habitat you are best suited for in life. When you don’t like where you are now in life then check what you do on a regular basis in life. You can only explore new horizons when you first exercise change in your conduct.


Your attempt at enhancing your conducts will culminate in the improvement of your habits and the development of your character. You also need to be conscious of the company you keep. You will pick up habits from them that make up who you become.

Your character and your company will create your community. Habits matter when it comes to your habitat; where you wish to see yourself ultimately in life. Consciously cultivate good habits and see yourself create a good habitat for your inhabitation.

Writer: Gamel Sankarl





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