Jujuman Surrenders 15 gods to be burnt


Jujuman Surrenders 15 gods to be burnt. Mr. Kwame Christian alias Okomfo Kele, a 30-year-old fetish priest at Assin Kyekyewere, has given his life to Jesus Christ and surrendered his 15 gods to be burnt during a house-to-house evangelism campaign held on Sunday, 10th April, 2016 by members of The Church of Pentecost at Kyekyewere in the Assin Darmang District of the Assin Foso Area.

Okomfo Kele who hails from Togo but now resides in Assin Kyekyewere, was “arrested” by the power of the Holy Spirit when he encountered the evangelism team, thereby accepting Christ as his personal saviour that very day.

Pastor George Owusu, the District Minister, followed up with some Elders of the Church and it was there that Okomfo Kele eventually surrendered all his 15 gods, which he had worshipped since age 23, to be burnt.

According to him, he purposely went in for the gods to secure supernatural protection, of which he never had. Ironically, although he could not be helped by the gods, he was able to assist his clients to have successful cyber crimes (Sakawa), win lovers (‘For Girls’), among other evil acts.

He confessed to the Pastor and the Elders after being baptized in water that accepting Jesus into his life has given him an indescribable inner peace, which hitherto he never had.


Reported by: Elder Emmanuel Eyeson

Source: thecophq.org

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