40 Lessons To Learn From AFCON 2017 And World Cup Football Matches – Part 1


Football is one of the best games that attract a lot of attention, wide media coverage, glory and a lot of money. In fact, football is becoming like a religion where some people are prepared to die for their teams. You become happy when your favourite football club or national team wins a match but become very sad when they lose the match.

There could be times you were able to predict the outcome of any football match and it may happen exactly as predicted but the question is, are there some lessons to learn from football, AFCON, Premier leagues, La Liga,  World Cup Matches, etc.

In this article, I will take you through some lessons to learn from these international matches.

40 Lessons To Learn From AFCON 2017 And World Cup Football Matches – Part 1

  1. The success of football requires frequent training

You cannot sleep and wake up and start working out magic on the field of play. Football requires frequent training otherwise, you may lose your skills. Individual training is as important as a group training as a team. You can train on your own but perform abysmally when in a team. Group training as a team is as important as individual training.

  1. You have equal opportunities

Regardless of any condition that may prevent you and your team from winning, know that you all have equal opportunities on the field of play. No team is allowed to play with more players than the other team. It largely depends on the efforts you put in to win.

  1. It’s not all over until the referee says it’s over

In football, you may be leading or knocked down with many balls in your net but it doesn’t matter so long as the final whistle is not blown yet. The game is not over until the referee says so. Many teams were able to redeem their image and win within the last few minutes to end of regulation. Don’t give up so soon in life. Until your final whistle is blown to go on retirement or taken away by death, know that you still have the chance to win.

  1. Shoot on target

In football, you don’t just throw your legs and kick the ball. When shooting, make sure you shoot on target and that is likely to fetch you some luck. Sometimes, you get angry and rain insults on players because they just kicked the ball and you could tell the ball has no direction near the target area.

  1. Work with the rules of the games

You are not going to succeed if you are not ready to apply the rules of the game. The referee is there to ensure that the game is played and rules applied to ensure fairness on the pitch. The yellow and red cards will be flashed to warn or kick you out if you go contrary to the rules.

  1. Greater ball possession doesn’t make a win

Have you realized that most of the teams that lose their matches had the greater part of the ball possessions? Ball possessions do not necessarily win a match until they are converted into opportunities and chances to win. You have to create opportunities from those many possessions and shoot on target.

  1. Football requires team work

No matter how skillful and talented you are, you need the efforts and assistance of your other players. You cannot play a game of football all alone. It is a team work. Learn to work as a team.

  1. Every player is important and has a role to play

One of the important lessons in the game of football is that every player is very important and has a role to play. Most of the times, people pay attention to the roles of the top strikers or scorers but forget that the defender, goalkeeper, midfielder, etc. all have to do their job for the team to win. No player is important than the other.

  1. Have a backup plan (Reserved players)

Here is another important lesson to learn from the game of football. You need a backup plan, thus reserved players on the bench. Your best players can get injured before the end of the first half and you need a perfect replacement for them.

  1. Rest when tired

In the game of football, you cannot be productive when you are tired on the field of play. All spectators and your fans will surely know that you are tired. Sometimes, you need to signal your coach for a change if you are too tired or hurt to carry on. And during the short break, ensure that you rest to regain some energy to continue.

  1. Don’t be distracted by the crowd or spectators

There have been times that football players paid attention to the songs, the criticisms, praises, insults and names calling from the crowd and this affected their moods and eventually messed up on the field of play. You cannot concentrate and win a match if you are not ready to shut your ears to the distractive comments by the crowd.

  1. You need someone to coach you in life

Your coach may know better and may be more experienced than you are. He may be trained and be well informed than you are. If you are going to win the match, then you need to listen to your coach. Avoid those too knowing attitudes and listen to the strategies of your coach. It will assist you and your team.

  1. Take advantage – Counter Attacks on your opponent’s mistakes

One single mistake of your opponent and refusing to score you should be your greatest opportunity to score them rather. You need to counter attack your opponents and take advantage of their mistakes to punish them.

This is not the conclusion of the article 40 Lessons To Learn From AFCON 2017 And World Cup Football Matches. Watch out for the Part 2 soon. 

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