God Is Coming For A Weekend Visit


‘God Is Coming For A Weekend Visit’, My Story and My Experience. I have always desired to have a supernatural encounter with the Lord. I have heard a lot of Biblical stories about the power of God and His mighty works but all those things seemed afar to me. My pastor was the type that preached with much power and confidence. He always wielded his Bible in the air and asked: “Who wants to encounter the supernatural?”

One day, my pastor, Rev. Kimpo Limpo, stood in front of the congregation as usual and exclaimed: “The Bible said if you seek God, you will surely find Him. Beloved, we are serving a living God who speaks to His children each day. I serve a living God so I hear His voice every day. You should be worried if you cannot hear the Voice of God”.

The words of my pastor sharply pierced my heart and sunk deep into my spirit. A heavy burden fell on me at once, capturing my mind and emotions. This turned into a great worry for me as pastor continued to preach. Indeed, I have every course to be worried if I serve a living God who speaks all the time but cannot hear His voice.

On that day, I left the church auditorium with much burden than a blessing. I was determined to hear the voice of God. I declared 7 Days Fasting and Prayers called “Operation Hear The Voice of God” for myself and began with earnest prayers. I later realized it wasn’t an easy task though to be fasting and working at the same time. My work was the strenuous type and it heavily weighed me down so I reduced it from 6am to 6pm to 6am to 12 noon.

Lo and behold, I had a dream on the third day. I saw a handsome looking old man telling me to prepare my room for a wonderful visit during the weekends. I was alarmed and asked: “Who is coming for the weekend visit?” He looked at me, smiled and said: “God is coming for a weekend visit. I hope you will take this opportunity to hear His voice”, he said and vanished in the dream.



Suddenly, I flipped my eyes opened as my heart thumped heavily amidst heavy breathing. Could this be real that God is coming for a weekend visit? In what manner would He be coming, as human or spirit? After several thoughts and analysis of the dream I slipped into total doubt and confusion and finally discarded the dream. As I sat on the bed in my state of confusion, I fell asleep again and the same man appeared to me in my dreams and asked why I doubted his message. He assured me that God was coming to visit me during the weekend and specified that it would be Saturday.

I woke up from my dream and started praying immediately. Suddenly, fear enveloped me at once. I got scared! I was confused and started nursing the spirit of doubt in my mind again. Within few minutes, many questions raced through my mind than answers. On a second thought, I began asking myself whether it was a demon that revealed himself to me or the Holy Spirit. I remembered a scripture in the Bible that said that no one ever sees God and lives and how could God visit me. Thoughts of this gave me a real headache.

And now it was Friday. I was really nervous. I spoke to a few friends who spotted my uneasiness but this rather made me a laughing stock. One of my friends emphatically asked whether I was suffering from high fever or started hallucinating when he heard my story. I could not enjoy my sleep that night. Even the drop of a little pin on the floor could cause me to flip my eyes open from sleep.

Finally, my alarm clock struck and it was 6:30am, a cool Saturday morning. Will God really be visiting me? I really spent three days cleaning my room, dusting off everything and made sure my room was the very best to receive the Almighty God in my room. In fact, it was as if all clocks had refused to move faster on that day.

It was around 10:30am when my phone began to ring. My heart thumped at once without even checking first to know who was calling. It was my boss who wanted to see me urgently. He had to travel to the UK urgently to meet our foreign partners so he wanted to meet me and handover a document for me to work on the new outstanding contract. We agreed to meet at the bus stop. I wanted to arrive at the bus stop in no time than the usual 30 minutes I usually take to get there.

As soon as I came out of the house, an old lady in the neighbourhood wanted to engage me in a conversation. I knew that old woman; she really liked talking which could run into hours. I knew she would definitely waste my time on unimportant things. Without listening to her, I told her I was in a hurry and promised to come back later to listen to her. I stopped a taxi and scurried into it only to hear an old man advising a young man in the car about the secrets of life using his own old stories. I wondered whether the young man was really listening. I hardly paid attention; thoughts of my mysterious visitor preoccupied my mind.

I met my boss and rushed back to find a piece of note on my table and I was surprised. Who entered my room when it was fully locked without anyone having a spare key? Have I missed the visitation of God?  With a shivering hand, I picked the note and began to read. It read:

“My son, I just left your presence when I realized you were not ready to listen to me. You wanted to have an encounter with me and hear my voice but you never gave me a listening ear. I have been talking to you ever since you became a Christian but you do not identify the ways I talk to you and listen me.

On Monday, a customer walked to your office and began to tell you mysteries about your life but you did not pay attention. You were busily browsing and searching for less important information than what I wanted to tell you. Later, you asked the customer to excuse you because it was time for your lunch break. You judged him wrongly thinking it was one of those beggars who go about telling lies about people’s future just for financial gains. You did not listen to him so you did not listen to Me.

On Wednesday, I came back to speak to you through a forwarded message on whatsapp but you only discarded it without reading. And today, I wanted to talk to you through the old lady in the neighbourhood and the old man advising the young man in the taxi but you shut your ears. You have rejected me immediately you rejected them. I speak to my children each day through any medium but only a few hear my voice.

I asked you clean your room and put your room in order because I would be visiting. I wasn’t referring to your physical room but your heart. It is your heart I wanted you to prepare. My Holy Spirit does not dwell in buildings and rooms anymore but in the hearts of men. Today, many people want to worship me in beautifully decorated temples but their hearts are not beautiful and habitable at all. Their hearts are very ugly and full of bitterness, sinful and corrupt activities.

My son, I will come back for another visit when your heart is ready and prepared to receive me”.

I nearly collapsed after reading the note on my table. Indeed, God speaks each day. We are not serving a dead God but a living God. Today, my life has changed after that encounter. I now enjoy sweet fellowship with God.

If only you also desire to hear from him then you will surely hear His Voice too.

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  1. Wonderful article! Thanks for enlightening us on some issues we overlook in life. God bless you for this eye opening article


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