Test Your Bible Knowledge With These Riddles


How well do you know the scriptures in the Bible? Do you remember the stories in the Bible? Well, here are a few stories about some of the characters in the Bible. Tell us your score after reading through the answers provided below.

Test Your Bible Knowledge With These Riddles Questions

  1. Everybody in the nation knew that I was a popular prostitute and that was my profession. Surprisingly, God asked a popular prophet to come and take me as a wife so we got married. After marriage, the prophet went about his prophetic duties and I also went back into my professional prostitution.

We had three children out of the marriage but my prostitution business demands were so huge that I couldn’t stay in my marital home to perform my duties as a wife to my husband, the Man of God. I stayed away from my husband for long doing my own business.

My husband got broken hearted and forgot about me until God spoke to him to look for me, bring me home and love me again. Who am I?

  1. All the kings in the Bible sat on the throne for many years and served their people but as for me, I served for only 7 days and I was overthrown. I know I have bad records because I killed King Elah and all his family members when they were dining and drinking. Who am I?
  1. The Bible described me as a wise and an intelligent virtuous woman. I used my wisdom to save my husband and the entire family from being put to death because of my husband’s wickedness.

My husband is the direct opposite of me in terms of character. In fact, the meaning of his name alone is foolishness and he has been behaving foolish according to the meaning of his name. Who am I and who is my husband?



  1. Gomer, the Prostitute in the Book of Hosea.
  2. Zimri, 1 Kings 16
  3. Abiligail & Nabal – 1 Samuel 25: 18


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