Facebook Says No ‘Gender Pay Gap’


Apparently, Facebook, which is just 32% female worldwide, doesn’t have a gender pay gap, according to Lori Goler, head of people at Facebook.

In the United States, women make about 76 cents for every dollar men earn, according to a 2016 Glassdoor study. The tech industry’s gender gap is close to the U.S. average (5.4%), falling in the middle among industries. That said, the tech occupations with significant gaps include computer programmers (28.3%), computer aided designer (21.5%) and video game artist (15.8%). But, it seems that those stats don’t apply to Facebook.

“We regularly review our compensation practices to ensure pay equity, and have done for many years,” Goler wrote on the Facebook blog. “We complete thorough statistical analyses to compare the compensation of men and women performing similar work. I’m proud to share that at Facebook, men and women earn the same.”

While Facebook may not have gender pay gap, it still has a gender hiring gap, as well as a lot of other gaps in its workforce. Facebook is 55 percent white, 36 percent Asian, 4 percent Hispanic and 2 percent black in the U.S., according to its most recent diversity report.

“There’s always more work to be done, of course,” Goler wrote. “But we’re proud to be a leader in pay equality, and look forward to a time when we don’t even need to call it out.”


Source: techcrunch



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